Cuban planning rival league

Mark Cuban is planning a league that would rival the NFL according to some sources. This team would be an 8 team league initially, and play it’s games on friday nights. The league would be competing with the NFL to acquire players that were drafted after the 2nd round of the NFL Draft.

Cuban’s thinking is that this league, with proper ownership, will be able to afford to pay these players at a premium that due to a salary cap, the NFL could not.

When you look at players that are late round picks like Tom Brady and Terrell Owens that end up becoming stars, it makes you wonder if a league like this could succeed.

In my opinion, I don’t see it maintaning much longevity should it ever come to fruition. There is a reason that the CFL, the USFL, the XFL, and so on haven’t succeeded other than having players pick what they want on their jersey nameplates. The NFL doesn’t Bert around. There is none higher in sports league supremacy. Roger Goodell is sitting somewhere in his leather chair laughing his dick off right now with a resounding “I dare you Cuban, you cunt”.

New Pups getting their feet wet

Aparently, things haven’t gotten off to a hot start for the Browns’ new QB during his first practice at Browns mini-camp:

Call it an education for Brady Quinn… Each quarterback got two sets of three plays, and Quinn needed more. Hard to remember a good throw. It’s not easy going into a new system with new teammates on the first practice, but Quinn spent extra time on the field after the practice for a
reason. He looked tentative, indecisive and inaccurate. And yes, it was just the first practice.

Frye wasn’t a lot better. His “marching orders” this offseason call for fewer forced throws and fewer turnovers, but he threw three interceptions in six passes.

That said, it was only the first practice of the year. Could it be that Derek Anderson will win the Browns starting QB job, leaving Quinn 3rd and Charlie Frye 2nd on the depth chart to start the season?

As a Browns fan (and season ticket holder), I am pulling for Quinn to at least make this thing respectably close so he can be in the running to start when the season opens September 9th against Pittsburgh.

If he can’t win the competition outright, then of course you want to see him learning from the bench as the 2nd stringer but in a role where should Anderson or Frye struggle, Quinn gets the nod or the chance to play, as Jeff Fisher did with NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Vince Young last season initially.

Another question that was asked on the AOL sports blog was, “Do Bloggers Hate Brady Quinn?”. I think I can answer that except for this one, so far a resounding ‘yes’. I think most guys my age who run a blog think he’s overrated, they’re jealous of the fact that they don’t get to be a multi-million dollar star who is called on to save a moribund franchise.

Keyshawn Johnson retires

Keyshawn Johnson; perhaps the first big time “Me” receiver in the National Football League, the original T.O. before T.O. was T.O. has decided to hang up his cleats and call it a career.

Although I most remember Keyshawn with the New York Jets coming out of USC, he played in his career with the Tampa Bay Buccanears, Dallas Cowboys, and Carolina Panthers in addition. Keyshawn retires with one Superbowl ring and as the first overall selection in the 1996 NFL Draft.

Look for Keyshawn to advance his career to the television networks sometime soon.

2011 Superbowl will be in Dallas

The 2011 Superbowl will be coming to Dallas, Texas as it was anounced yesterday. Much of this is probably due to the fact that the Cowboys are going to be playing in a crown jewell of all NFL stadiums by then. Sure enough, you can expect this blog to still be plugging away as of then, and covering things for the Superbowl to take place in Texas. Hell we might even be there if…..

Well Tim Macmahon of the Dallas morning news has a prediction that not only will the Cowboys become the first team to play in the Superbowl hosted by their hometown, but that Brady Quinn will lead the Cleveland Browns to their first Superbowl appearance in a very Joe Montana-esque appearance. I have to say, I truly hope that I don’t have to wait another 4 years.

Braylon Edwards is a good guy

Over at Rangerland, they’re telling why Braylon Edwards is considered one of the best guys in sports. I’m seeing everything come together for this guy this season in Cleveland, and it all points towards him being a big time star on the NFL scene very soon.

He endured growing pains last season of big drops, also had some big time games. He jawed with QB Charlie Frye on the sidelines, in plain view of national TV cameras. He’s paid his dues and I can just ‘feel’ something special is about to happen with #17 in the Seal Brown and Orange.

It’s going to be a breakout season in 2007 for B-Ed.