Quick Hits: Focus in on the Titans

We’re going to start off this Quick Hits with some talk about the team I’ve got my eyes on this week, the Tennesee Titans.

-I said it about them at the beginning of the year. This team just wins ugly. Vince Young hasn’t thrown for over 200 yards in a game yet this season, but the team is 5-2. Is this going to become the way it just is for Vince Young in regards to his statistics?

-It’s reasonable to expect more from Vince Young, says the Tennesean’s Paul Kuharsky in his Titans Blog. It’s important to note that the week before, Kerry Collins found yards and stats in the win against the Texans.

-It’s also reasonable that with better offensive play, the Titans should finish around 10-6 says Kuharski.

-Brady Quinn’s status/stock is dropping in Cleveland. It’s a feel thing. I just get the feeling that we’re not going to see Quinn play for a long time, and when he does it won’t be a fair shot. All of this because of the hot play of Derek Anderson. Unreal.

-Optimisim on life from Da Bears Blog.

-Big Money No Whammies is unhappy with the DUI exploits of one Brandon Marshall.

-Of course, I have to link Deadspin. I love Deadspin. Jeff George wants to make a comeback. In bizarro world, that would fly. In the real world, Jeff George can only get on an NFL field again if he gets a Nintendo 64 and buys Madden 2000 off ebay, where he’s unstoppable with Randy Moss and the Vikings.

-Does Chad Pennington to the Chiefs make sense? That’s where he always signs on my Madden Playstation game. Ok, enough with the Madden talk, I promise.

-I saw Brett Favres big win on Monday Night Football last night. It was amazing, as Favre usually is on MNF. I guess Kornheiser and the gang compared him to Jordan and Tiger. The Big Lead disagrees.

-First Mock Draft I’ve seen yet, courtesy of Like Seriously WTF. Look who is back into the first round. God I hope the Browns trade Anderson.

-One of my favorite blogs, Pacivist Viking, recaps week 8 for us all. PV’s Vikings have got a special player in Adrian Peterson, I’d be happy too.

-This has nothing to do with football, but I was flipping back and forth between WWE’s Monday Night Raw and Monday Night Football last night once again. There is a Pro Wrestling Blog. Let it behold, as I will stop there many times from here on out, or until I lose interest.

-Another newly discovered site, another mock draft.

-Finally, it seems like everyone in the world hates Tom Brady.


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