Romo goes Hollywood: 6 years- $67.5 Million

Tony Romo appears to be on top of the world. The Cowboys anounced today the deal which will extend Romo as their Quarterback, and pay him $67.5 million dollars over the next 6 seasons.

Is it obvious to anyone else that Romo clearly has everyone salivating all over his balls at this point? I don’t mean Carrie Underwood and I don’t mean Britney Spears. I am talking about the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones. Aparently, Jones blurted out after the signing “He’s the man of the 2000’s” Now what the hell does that mean Jerry?

My take on this is simple. It’s barely been one calendar year to the day that Romo made his first NFL start. Make no mistake that Romo has been very good in that year, but does his play really warrant this mega-contract? This guy has been rewarded already more handsomely for his 1-year+ of service than Troy Aikman was and Aikman won 3 Superbowls. It’s amazing to me what one great year can do for a guy who went to Southern Illinois and was undrafted.


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