Mason Crosby’s monster foot/leg

Mason Crosby just hit a 53 yard field goal to keep this a one score ballgame. This guy is the next great kicker in the NFL. I mean like, Morten Andersen 20+ years great.

4th and 1, on the 36 yard line. Packers don’t wanna go for it, but it’s almost too far to kick. For most kickers.

That’s a clutch kick. 34-27 Cowboys. Will it get more interesting than this?

*My Fiance is being a great sport.

Romo to Crayton. 34-24 Cowboys

There’s over 7:00 left so it’s a game if the Packers can get a quick score and stop. It’s been a good ballgame. Romo’s 4-yard pass to Crayton was the 4th touchdown pass of the day. He would have had a 5th but the ball bounced off Terrell Owens’ hands and was intercepted by Al Harris.

Big 3rd down sack by D’Marcus Ware helped turn the ball over to the Cowboys offense. Romo has answered every play all day and hasn’t let these guys lose. If it weren’t for Tom Brady this is your NFL MVP. Damn shame, I think he’s a cooler dude than Brady.

27-17 Cowboys, :37 remaining in 1st half

Brett Favre is out of the game and ESPN Hashmarks is all over the Cowboys nuts, as they should be. Tony Romo has thrown three touchdown passes and 197 yards later, the Cowboys have the lead.

Aaron Rodgers threw a touchdown pass just now to Greg Jennings. I’m glad to see Rodgers have a nice showing, the kid has waited his turn. This could be the beginning of the unraveling for Brett Favre, making it an even more historic night. I’m not sure how badly he’s hurt but it doesn’t look good.

Lets see if Romo can get to 400 yards tonight.

Favre/Romo Will Live up to the Hype

Favre is 0-8 all time at Texas Stadium

This is the biggest game played in over 15 years in the NFC. Two 10-1 teams do battle, two gunglinger Quarterbacks of similar backgrounds and molds. Each has found a path to superstardom in different ways. One watches the sun set on possibly the most prolific passing career in the history of the sport, the other is trying to make a run to the Superbowl in his first full year as the starter.
One thing I can promise you is that one of these teams will be the NFC’s representative in the Superbowl, most likely the winner of this game. Fans of the NFL know that the winner of this game will force the loser to come to their place for the NFC Championship game in January; barring an upset in the NFC Divisional round by a lesser opponent. Since the merger, 18 teams that have started a season 10-1 or better have made the Superbowl. That’s an excellent statistic to show that we’re watching two likely Superbowl caliber teams tonight.
I expect the game to start out slowly, not the aerial attack that everyone is expecting. It might even represent a war in the trenches. These two giants will begin the game by feeling eachother out with short passes and runs, setting eachother up for the homerun swing.
I expect the Packers to show their meddle and to stay with the mighty Dallas Cowboys in the early going. Look for the Packers to weather an early turnover; and to get a few early scores. The young defense of the Packers (possibly without Charles Woodson) will be physical with Terrell Owens and shut him down in the first half. A Favre TD pass or two puts the Packers up at the half 14-6 lets say.
The front 5 on the o-line of the Packers will do a nice job in protecting Brett Favre early, but as the game goes on expect the offensive line of the Packers to wear down, and the young and talented Dallas defense to wear on the Packers offensive unit. This will begin a second half turnaround that gets the Cowboys back in the game.
I expect Tony Romo to represent himself as nothing of the gunslinger in which he is. I think that he’ll play a safe ballgame in taking what the defense gives him; working slowly to pick the Packers apart with passes to his backs and tight-ends. Late in the game he’ll attempt to find his receivers. This is when Romo will begin to carve up the Packers in this game that will very much resemble a playoff game. Expect a close tight fight. Big first half for Green Bay, with Dallas storming back late in the game to take a late lead putting the ball in Brett Favre’s hands with the clock winding down, Green Bay down by more than a field goal, we’ll say 24-20 Cowboys.
Favre will try to make a play late and put some doubt in the minds of Cowboys fans. Favre throws a late interception that leads to a bloodletting Cowboy score.
Prediction: Cowboys 31, Green Bay 20