Brian Billick; Nevermore

Today, Brian Billick’s long reign as head coach of the Baltimore Ravens came to an end. It speaks volumes to how unhappy the Baltimore Ravens organization has grown with Billick internally that they did not even wait more than a day after the season ended to rid themselves of him.

This comes one day after FOX Sports reported that the players and other employees informed team owner Steve Biscotti that Billick had completely lost the locker room and could not win them back.

For me, I’ll remember Billick as an arrogant prick of a coach; who just happened to coach my least favorite franchise in any sport. He actually won a Superbowl, and I’ll never forget the pornstar-like ‘yelp’ he let out after getting cooler water poured on him upon beating the Giants.

What’s funny is, you’d expect Billick to be a hot commodity, but it seems like word has gotten out about what a dick he is around league circles. In all likelihood, I don’t see him coaching anymore.


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