Highlights from Super Bowl Media Day

I wasn’t lucky enough to attend media day, but I have to admit that just hearing about it is pretty cool. It’s all hype and hoopla, but it’s also a pretty good look at each team that will be competing in the biggest sporting event of the year.

-Plaxico Buress predicted a 23-17 victory for the New York Giants. That was probably the highlight. Amani Toomer backed up Burress adding that he supports his teammate in his prediction.

-A ‘bride’ reporter showed up saying that she wanted to marry Tom Brady.

-Michael Strahan alluded to the fact that this could be it for his playing career. He said that it would be a great thing for his career to go out winning the Super Bowl, but it also is huge for him to say that he can go out still playing at a high level. This has to be the final game in a legendary career for ‘the gap’.

That’s the most of it. For more details check out ESPN Hashmarks.

Superbowl Week Begins

Today, we’re under a week to go with the biggest sporting event of the entire year. It is the Omega event. Deadspin is headed to Glendale. Mike & Mike in the Morning broadcast live from outside U of Phoenix Stadium along with the other nightly ESPN shows, along with a horde of other media outlets making the trip. For just once, I wish that my job for the week could be to cover the Super Bowl, the teams involved (especially the G-Men), and all of the other intracacies that go with the hype and hoopla.

The thing I love about Super Bowl week is that the coverage of each team becomes so saturated. When a team I like is involved (like the Giants), this is very enjoyable. I mean, I have to be honest. No matter how many times I hear about Eli Manning and how he’ll perform in the Super Bowl it’s never enough. Every storyline gets exhausted. It’s officially football season for one more week, and we’ll do our best here to wear out every storyline for one more week.

*Hat Tip to our friend GC at Can’t Stop the Bleeding for showing us how to ‘screen shot an image.

Game Photos: 49ers at Browns

Perhaps Brady was talking to Browns Legend Doug Dieken about the season that was; or when he’d get his first chance to play. Little did we all know it would be just a few short hours from then.

Now that is a Cleveland Browns sunday. The dark and gloomy weather on the lakefront. The cold, the wind. It was beautiful. My friend Justin enjoying my blanket on our sunday morning walk to the stadium after tailgating right on Lake Eerie across from Cleveland Browns Stadium, where the picture was taken.

If it weren’t for Joshua Cribbs, you’d be looking at the Browns 2007 MVP. Braylon Edwards added another touchdown reception in this game and finished with 17. There was no more game-breaking receiver in the league, and if you wanna say Randy Moss I’d counter by saying:

Tom Brady > Derek Anderson

Derek Anderson warms up, pre-game. Anderson was the starter for week 17 and if the Browns would have made the playoffs. After that, no one knew what the future would hold.

Brady Quinn commanding the huddle for the Cleveland Browns. All is how it should be if even for just one drive. One moment, frozen in time. Brady Quinn will go down in the history books as being a Cleveland Brown, even if for just this moment; and no one could take it away. This was as loud as I’ve ever heard a place when Quinn was in the field for those 10 plays. I waited many a dark night and many a questionable moment to see this.

Finally, official Zapruder film of Quinn’s first official regular season pass:

Browns offer Derek Anderson 3-Year contract

The Browns have offered starting Quarterback Derek Anderson a 3-year contract extension, with the monetary terms of the deal being disclosed. Per the Plain Dealer:

The Browns confirmed on Friday that they have sent formal proposals to the agents of quarterback Derek Anderson and running back Jamal Lewis in hopes of keeping both players from entering the free-agent market.

Through a spokesperson, General Manager Phil Savage would not comment on details of the proposals. But it is believed that Anderson received a three-year offer and Lewis one for two years.

My take on this is a simple one. Derek Anderson had a strong season last year and certainly he earned the right to continue starting in this league somewhere. He’s tough, big, and strong armed. He’s 25 years of age. He won 10 games last year and threw 29 TD’s. Helped with the emergence of Braylon Edwards. That said, I’m interested in seeing what Brady Quinn can do. I don’t care what Anderson has done. Signing Anderson to a multi-year deal really muddles things. If you’re Phil Savage, why wouldn’t you tender the highest Restricted Free Agent tag on Derek Anderson and see what other teams around the league see he is worth. Let them set the price for Anderson, and if someone signs him away out of the Browns spending reach; you get a 1st and 3rd round pick. I don’t see why this is such a hard concept to grasp.

Quinn was drafted to be the future. The Browns need to stay the course. Quinn needs to play. I won’t die a happy man until that is the case, even though I like Derek Anderson.

See what you think of this video. Especially like the Quinn highlight photos set to the Notre Dame dramatic drum flare:

Giants grace the latest cover of Sports Illustrated

As you may or may not have heard, the Giants’ most recent win in the NFC Championship game has landed their Quarterback on the cover of Sports Illustrated. This has been a real albatross for teams in the past, suffering from the infamous Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx.

The feature in the magazine has the famous Dr. Z, Paul Zimmerman picking the Giants to win the Superbowl over the New England Patriots. Zimmerman cites the Joe Namath Superbowl III as the reason in which he will go with the Giants as his pick. It’s an amusing quote:

I had a feeling about the Jets, not a strong one, but Joe Namath working against that strong side rotating zone? Gee, he’d never had trouble with it before. Could it be that … ? Do I have the courage to … ? Nah, I’ll pick the Colts to win, but by under the spread. That’ll make everyone happy. So I did and it made no one happy, least of all me when the Jets scored the biggest upset in Supe history. Who was happy? Leonard Shecter of the Post. He picked the Jets. I kicked myself for the coward I was. No longer. Today, I am a man.

I hope that Dr. Z is right. I like the fact that he can see it happening. The Giants now have to overcome an undefeated team, and an SI cover in order to be part of history in becoming world champions.

As for my pick, you’ve got to wait about one week.

Non-Football Topic: God Save the Fan

I want to take a few moments to talk about a new book that was released today. The book is titled God Save the Fan and is written by Deadspin editor Will Leitch. Tonight after I returned home from work I went to my local Barnes and Noble and immediately it became a captivating page-turner for me.

Leitch is a very interesting and inspirational writer, especially if you’re a reader of blogs. This book really doesn’t appeal to only the blogger-type, but just the general ‘Joe Sports Fan’. In the book’s annals, Leitch discusses a couple topics that the regular sports fan can relate to (especially me being a Browns fan). Leitch writes that true fans do not have a choice as to following a team, no matter how shitty they are along the way. This is Will’s reasoning for continuing to follow the Arizona Cardinals. Will also writes about the meteoric rise of a journalist who I’m particularly intrigued with for all the wrong reasons, Peter King. In relating to the common sports fan, Leitch talks about why Willie McGee is his favorite athlete and I know we all have ‘that moment’ as a fan when we were kids that makes us a fan forever.

There’s also a bit written by a guy I’m a huge fan of, A.J. Dualerio and his legendary coverage of last year’s Super Bowl. Dualerio was the guy who originally made me a fan of Deadspin, with his stories of ‘attending’ last year’s Super Bowl game and all the hoopla that surrounded. Dualerio went down to Miami and basically sniffed out any trouble he could find and encountered many a funny celebrity along the way. The stories were chronicled on the site, and the rest for me was history. I’ve been a ‘Spin’ head ever since.

I haven’t read the entire book, but I promise it will be the best $16.47 you’ve spent in a while (how did I think of it? It’s like replacing 3 bottles of beer at the bar with wholesome mind food).

In the few experiences I’ve had e-mailing with Mr. Leitch, I can say he’s a pretty humble guy for being the creator and mind behind the greatest sports blog of all-time. He doesn’t want to be treated that way, he just wants to be seen as another guy who enjoys writing about sports, and in this book you can see that. Leitch wants to be the voice of the common fan. Take my word for it, and check it out next time you’re at a local bookstore, then thank me.

-Purchase God Save the Fan [Amazon.com]
-Learn more about the book [Deadspin]