Cleveland Browns pay Derek Anderson the big bucks

Right or Wrong, Cleveland’s brass will let Anderson open as the starter

I figured today would be as good of a day as any to break the silence. The beginning of the free agency period. It looked as of about midnight last night that the Brady Quinn era was about to begin. The Browns were making a push to acquire stud Defensive Tackle Corey Williams from the Green Bay Packers; which they finalized today.
Then this morning, the news broke from ESPN. Derek Anderson had agreed to sign a multi-year deal with the Cleveland Browns.

Quarterback Derek Anderson has agreed to terms on a three-year contract worth a maximum of $26 million, but with no less than $24 million, a source said Friday morning. The actual guaranteed money is $13.5 million, but the “practical” guarantee is $14.5 million, because Anderson will most likely receive the $1 million roster bonus due next year.

I will go on record the day of and say that I think this is a mistake. I think Quinn has the higher ceiling, I know Quinn will be the better NFL player and have the better career; but regardless Phil Savage (who has never successfully judged a QB situation in the NFL) needs to have the organization build in a direction long-term with one of these players, and the other must be dealt for value. The Browns currently do not have a trade now on the first day of the draft.
The Browns will open up camp next season (in which sources are saying that Brady Quinn is already saying that he is going to beat Anderson out….that gets me fired up. Having the goal to take a Pro-Bowlers job) and allow Anderson to be handed the job as he was this season. I disagree with this also; but the Browns don’t want to rock the proverbial boat. The only way this deal with Anderson today works out is if Anderson turns out to be a superstar. I have my doubts about that happening and I think everything including the Cleveland fan base will be against him. The worst situation that can happen is for Anderson to perform at just a high enough level to not lose the starting job (similar to last season) and keep Quinn on the bench, leaving more questions and wasting more time. I could see this happening and I consider it the most likely scenario.
If Anderson came out and said he would be a good sport and support his teammates if he didn’t win the training camp battle, then I’ll be on Cloud Nine. In a fair competition, I know Quinn beats out Anderson. To me, assuming there’s no trade, I just can’t see Romeo benching Anderson in favor of Quinn; no matter how much better Brady might look in training camp or preseason action. If DA were to somehow outplay Quinn, he would totally win me over. I just don’t believe he’s done that yet, no matter how many TDs he threw.
It’s the controversy I don’t like and no matter what some Browns fans say about ‘there being no controversy – DA is the starter, blah, blah, blah’ I say bullshit. There absolutely is controversy, and you’re lying to yourself if you say otherwise. I want solidarity in the Browns locker room, and as close to 100-percent support from the fans as possible. This team has a real chance to make a championship run over the next 3-5 seasons. The media and the fans will continue to talk about Brady Quinn every day. In my opinion, this is not good for the mental health and subsequent performance of DA, or for the overall health of the team.
I don’t often want to be wrong about something. But man, I really want to be wrong about this.

Fargas signs to stay with Oakland

The Oakland Raiders have done the right thing.

Justin Fargas is securely in the fold after inking a 3 year 12 million dollar deal to remain with the team as the starting running back. This might just dash the hopes of a backfield of Jamarcus Russell handing off to Darren Mcfadden, but still.

Fargas ran for over 1,000 yards last season on a sub-par football team. He’s been a raider since 2003 when he was drafted by the team. I remember seeing Fargas play in 2003 in Cleveland against the Browns. My uncle told me that day, ‘I’m telling you watch out: this kid is going to be a star’. Perhaps he was correct.

I hope that the Raiders become a dominant team again, for the league’s sake.

Weighing in on Quinn’s Wrong Place-Wrong Time Incident

Via the Cleveland Plain Dealer, a story broke earlier today accusing Brady Quinn; the Godfather of this blog and my favorite athlete in sports today, of calling an individual a ‘faggot’. The alleged incident was said to occur on New Years Eve in Columbus while Quinn was at La Fogata, which is a bar here that is down on campus and frequented by many college students. It happens to be next to what I’m told is the most popular gay bar in the city, the Union Bar.

Some freak calls 911, generally sounds like a sketchy individual himself, and then says that ‘he needs to go there is going to be trouble’.

It sounded like horse shit to me, and without a doubt, it is. Any story that happened on the 1st of the year and doesn’t break until mid-february, is certainly worth questioning from that in itself.

Take my word for it, Brady Quinn is a class individual. The guys I know who are friends with him are first rate, as is his family. When I heard this, my initial reaction to this was that it was just so unlikely, that Quinn wasn’t capable of doing something like this. Before Quinn had ruled it out, I just didn’t think it should have even been a story. In our media obsessed world, I knew that bloggers would have a hay-day with it. That said, I was pleasantly surprised at the Cleveland Browns board in which I discuss the team on was 100% behind our young Quarterback. They said even if true, it didn’t matter because we care how Brady Quinn plays football.

Aside from that, ‘fag’ is a near universally accepted term now-a-days. I call friends that some 20 odd times in 1 night of hanging out with them, all the while I have nothing against gay people and I treat everyone with the same respect regardless of race, gender, or sexual preference. Just like I know Brady Quinn does.

It was the beginning of something great and I was watching

Buddy Ryan. OJ Simpson. Bob Costas explaining how to pronounce ‘Favre’. How much more classic can you get? I was in Cincinnati that day at my uncle’s pad. In between games of Madden 92 football on the Sega Genesis I caught the end of this game. Who the hell is Kitrick Taylor? Brett Favre is swallowing dip or chaw or both. 15+ years ago and Favre hasn’t relinquished even a start for the Green Bay franchise. I’m pretty sure that will never happen again, anywhere.

Lastly, wouldn’t you just expect something like this to happen against the Cincinnati Bengals? Who knows if the legend of Brett Favre would have ever happened if not for David Shula and the Bungles.