Keith Rivers will follow the Steve Tovar’s and Odell Thurman’s before him

Looks like Keith Rivers is going to be a Bengal at the #9 pick. This is another guy who I think could be a star potentially anywhere. Amazing how deep this draft really is.

I thought the Bengals would select Rivers. Marvin Lewis hasn’t had that gamebreaker linebacker since Ray Lewis. This is Lewis’ type of player. Glad to see the USC product is coming to my home state of Ohio; and he should probably give the Browns fits for years to come.

We kick things off with the Ghost of NFL Drafts Past

We can’t start this day without a short mention to our fallen hero, Tim Couch. It was 9 years ago that the Browns took him 1st overall in 1999 to start their franchise. Things should have been so differently.

Just amazing how the NFL draft cycles out players, and everyone from that day forward has a different and unpredicted path.

It’s the beginning of a journey, and that journey will be documented here for many. Enjoy.

The 2008 NFL Draft will get plenty of run

I was a bit worried because I didn’t know the exact draft time this saturday. You see, with my new job I have to get up while you’re all sleeping in and enjoying your weekend and have a last hurrah each week on saturday. Sundays are my saturday (I’ll be the one laughing during football season) and mondays are my sunday (all day tailgates for Monday Night Football).

That said, and convienently; I will be home just in time to see Jake Long hold up his fresh new teal Dolphins jersey.

I will be doing a post on every team’s pick in the first round and everything in between. It’s going to be a good old fashioned post-a-thon party.

Since the Browns don’t get to have any fun in this draft, I’ll be paying special attention to the Raiders (hope they take McFadden) and the Broncos. See you saturday.