Putting the faith in Derek

He’s not my favorite player, but I like Derek Anderson. I’m a season ticket holder. I’m a fan who is going to pull for this squad with everything I have in 2008 and beyond. It would be best for this franchise if Derek Anderson goes on to show that he’s a superstar this year, improves upon his 2007 numbers, and Brady Quinn never sees the field. As bittersweet as it would be not getting to have Quinn be a part of it; a Browns fan must hope for that. There’s no other way. Derek Anderson is the guy; Phil Savage has declared that.

We’ve got a tough schedule. If Derek Anderson can take us to the playoffs (and he should with this squad), he’s earned the right to be the QB of the Browns for the forseeable future.

Either way, I’m going to root for Anderson with everything I have this year. He’s got a big arm and he’s tough. I like that about Anderson. He’s a feel good story. This kid must have something special that I haven’t been able to uncover yet that the coaching staff who sees this QB every day must see in him.

And who knows. Maybe someday on this blog I’ll be talking about Derek Anderson as my favorite Brown. He’s earned the opportunity to be judged with new eyes.

Wouldn’t that be irony?