Scouts on DA vs. Quinn

— Scout #1, regarding Brady Quinn: “If you gave me a choice between Quinn and (Derek) Anderson, I’d go with Quinn. We just see a bigger upside there.”

— Scout #2, regarding Derek Anderson: “Why are you even asking me this question? You can’t teach what he has. I wouldn’t care if I gave up three #1’s (for Quinn).”

— Scout #3, regarding Quinn and Anderson: “We’ve thought (Quinn) was the real deal going through our (pre-draft) evaluations, and nothing has changed that. But you’d have to be suicidal to just throw away a Pro Bowler for potential. That’s not how this game works.”

— Scout #4, regarding Quinn and Anderson: “29 touchdowns speak louder than any potential somebody else might have.”

— Scout #5, regarding Quinn and Anderson: “I wish we had that problem. But if I had to choose one? Quinn, for the upside in the long-term. But, if we had to win this year? Probably go with Anderson.”

Browns rebuttal:
— After being told of the wide array of opinions regarding their QB situation, one Browns source sighed slightly and said simply, “And people wonder why we kept both?”
Then, he got a wee bit indignant and a tad bit defiant.

“Nobody knows what we have (in Anderson and Quinn); not us for the most part, and not anybody who’s outside of this organization and doesn’t see them on a day-to-day basis. Those (scouts) can think what they want, but only how this plays out this season is gonna tell us what happens (in 2009).”

So, what exactly is the point of this whole endeavor? Nothing more than this QB “situation” the Browns find themselves in is an enviable one for the vast majority of franchises in the NFL, and one that will play itself out – one

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