The final dull sunday is upon us

This is it. Not again in the year 2008 will we know a sunday without QB’s, zone coverages, and end zone dances. It’s almost time. The NFL season should be a glorious one regardless of how your favorite team finishes. Here are some things I expect to see this season, with the full bout of predictions coming on wednesday night.

-Brett Favre’s consecutive games streak will come to an end. He’ll throw 20 TD’s and have the Jets on the verge of the playoffs though.

-There will be a 2,000 yard running back this year. I’m seeing the initials A.P.

-This is finally the year the Cleveland Browns beat Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

-First NFL head coach fired during the regular season? His first name will be Mike. His last name will be Shanahan or Nolan.

-Jamarcus Russell and Darren McFadden will change a lot of opinions about the Oakland Raiders, who will compete for a playoff spot surprisingly.

-By years end, Reggie Bush will be being pushed for his starting job, but will have an impact in the playoffs for the New Orleans Saints.

-Aaron Rodgers will take the Packers to the playoffs and have a fine season (24TD, 10 INT), but the Packers will not win a playoff game.

-Chris Henry will not get arrested but will not play well leading to his release for the struggling Bengals late in the season.

-Tom Brady and Peyton Manning will not be league MVP, and Derek Anderson’s stats will rival their own.

-Jay Cutler will have a big statistical season. The Broncos will finish behind Oakland and San Diego though.

-The rookie of the year will be Matt Ryan offensively and Glenn Dorsey defensively.

-Brad Childress will be NFL head coach of the year, with Tavaris Jackson and Adrian Peterson playing big parts in that.

-The New York Giants will be a playoff team but not win their division and not win a postseason game, but Eli Manning will emerge as a franchise QB like his big brother.

-The Patriots will not represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

I can hardly live long enough for the start of the NFL season. It will be here before we know it, with the Giants and Redskins kicking off the action. We’ll be covering it all right here.

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