The Orange & Brown Report Blog

I’d like to introduce a new blog today that I hope that Browns fans and all NFL fans will add to their favorites and take a look at. The blog is called the Orange and Brown Blog, and it is written by a trio of Browns writers Barry Mcbride, John Taylor and Fred Greetham. I like this blog because it will give you both meat & potatoes as well as some small tidbits of info that you wouldn’t normally find in the major headlines.

The blog is well written and structured. For instance, viewers today were allotted a look at the media notes for the upcoming Browns & Bengals game. This is AWESOME. That is if you’re a person who likes to read media notes about a baseball game or football game as much as I do.

Another very interesting piece is about watching your fan base leave. A Browns fan has decided to jump ship after 26 long years as a Browns fan. Growing through the years I’ve been there many times, but something keeps me coming back. My prediction is after watching Eli Manning and the Giants for a few weeks, or watching the Broncos for a month; this fan will be back. He’ll miss the colors, the smell of gameday on the lake, and he’ll miss the heartbreak. Yeah, the heartbreak. That feeling that only the Browns can provide. He’ll find himself and realize that win the Browns finally do get it together someday, some year, and mark my words they will; the big win will be all that much sweeter. Perserverance.

In the meantime, check out the OBR Blog. New and updated daily.

Today’s Thought on the Cleveland QB’s

Many out there became excited at the possibility of seeing Brady Quinn get his first NFL start this upcoming weekend in Cincinnati. That appears highly unlikely now. Derek Anderson will start the game and be on a ‘short leash’, however; not all is bad for those who believe in Brady.

The fact is the only way Anderson can keep Quinn on the bench for the rest of the year and not have the organization want to get a look at him is if DA plays at a pro bowl level the rest of the season.

Given what has already transpired and the remaining schedule, what are the chances of that happening? Anderson has already partly sunk; proving that there might be a better option for the Browns to go with at QB. Its not a matter of “if” anymore like it was, it’s “when” do we see Quinn.

Kansas City still coming for Brady Quinn

I don’t see this happening, but the Kansas City Chiefs aparently won’t take “no” for an answer regarding trying to acquire Brady Quinn.

Nick Athan and the gang have broken a number of major scoops over the last couple years, and they’re convinced that it’s not over, although the Browns now look to Quinn as a potential solution to the team’s rapidly crashing 2008 campaign.

“The Chiefs have been VERY active”, Nick told Chiefs fans this afternoon, saying that “the Browns have thrown out a few options and per my source the Chiefs have been open to everything being thrown back at them by the Browns.”

Per Nick’s sources, it will take a 2009 #1 choice and a 2010 #2 pick along with a player to get it done. Considering that the Chiefs pick may be the top pick in the draft, one suspects that Phil Savage might have an interest.

I don’t see it happening for a few reasons, one being the if the Browns are to trade Brady Quinn, especially with the way Derek Anderson has looked under center so far; and Anderson continues to play like Vinny Testaverde and Quinn ends up being Montana in KC, then you have a major problem on your hands in Cleveland for the current regime for years to come.

Lane Kiffin is still the Raiders Head Coach

There were reports surfacing early today that after blowing a 3-score lead in Buffalo yesterday, that Lane Kiffin would be fired. This never did happen. I have to say, when I look at Kiffin I see a solid head coach that the Raiders are lucky to have. I think he believes in himself and his ability to turn things around there. They’ve lost a lot of close ballgames to good teams in Oakland.

You can see how confident Kiffin is in his interviews. He believes in himself and he’s going to be a success somewhere. If Al Davis were smart, he’d put these rumors to rest and come out and say that Kiffin won’t be fired at all and let him have the season to prove what he can do.

The way Kiffin has handled this situation shows you what a class-act Lane Kiffin is, and that he is going to be a big time coach somewhere, either in the NFL or at the college ranks. He might just be too good for the Raider organization, who clearly are not committed to winning at least as long as Davis is the owner of the Raiders.

Will Brady Quinn Start in Cincinnati?

The time is now. I do not want to wait another week. I could spend my entire off-day speculating as to why there should be a change at field general for my favorite team. I cannot expend anymore energy on that. It wasn’t just the 3 interceptions that Derek Anderson threw yesterday in Baltimore. It was just more of the same, of what we’ve seen as Browns fans for the past 11 games +. Derek Anderson just doesn’t have it. He’s nothing more than a mirage. A guy who got paid after pulling off a Houdini act on the Browns and GM Phil Savage.

We drafted Brady Quinn after giving up the farm to acquire him. He’s had time to learn from the sidelines. He’s faced adversity. He’s been the good soldier towing the company line and hasn’t changed his approach since day 1 in trying to become the QB. Anderson had his chance to ‘swing for the fences’ first. It isn’t working.

The word is out and its in the air. The Browns and their head coach have indicated that they’re thinking about it. There’s no better time than the present for this switch. Not after the bye week. Now. Let Brady start against the winless Bengals in his home state.

Stay tuned for this blog. There will be no better reaction, coverage, or commentary on this situation and the NFL than what you’re about to get right here.

Update 3:45 pm: We are being told that things are pointing towards Derek Anderson being the starter as of now in Cincinnati. Stay tuned.

Update 7:55 pm: Chris Mortensen just reported on Monday NFL Countdown that the Browns are ‘sticking with Derek Anderson’ for now because of all the injuries on the offensive side of the ball.

Update 9:45 pm: We’re told what we believe is our most reliable update of the night, that the Browns haven’t decided yet on saturday’s starter. We believe that most likely the Browns will start Derek Anderson in Cincinnati but as of this time the Browns are undecided. Cleveland PD reflects what we’ve been told.

FOX: Chiefs offered for Brady Quinn this past week

On the Fox pregame show, Jay Glazer reported that the Chiefs made and aggressive move to get Brady Quinn from the Browns this week and were told that Quinn was not available. It is clear that we are not sold on our QB situation and you have to wonder if there was a conversation about any interest in DA.

This is not referring to the website that the Chiefs fans have started entitled Get Brady Now; but rather a seperate report from the grassroots effort to get a decent QB.

Here’s a link to this report.