Live NFL Games I’ve Attended

All games in Cleveland Browns Stadium unless otherwise noted

November 25th, 2001: Cleveland Browns 18, Cincinnati Bengals 0
November 3rd, 2002: Pittsburgh Steelers 23, Cleveland Browns 20
November 27th, 2002: Cleveland Browns 27, Cincinnati Bengals 20 (Paul Brown Stadium)
September 7th, 2003: Indianapolis Colts 9, Cleveland Browns 6
October 12th, 2003: Cleveland Browns 13, Oakland Raiders 7
December 21, 2003: Baltimore Ravens 35, Cleveland Browns 0
December 28th, 2003: Cleveland Browns 22, Cincinnati Bengals 14 (Paul Brown Stadium)
January 2nd, 2005: New York Giants 28, Dallas Cowboys 24 (Giants Stadium)
September 18th, 2005: Cincinnati Bengals 38, Minnesota Vikings 8 (Paul Brown Stadium)
November 20th, 2005: New York Giants 27, Philadelphia Eagles 17 (Giants Stadium)
September 17th, 2006: Cincinnati Bengals 34, Cleveland Browns 17 (Paul Brown Stadium)
October 29th, 2006: New York Giants 17, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3 (Giants Stadium)
September 9th, 2007: Pittsburgh Steelers 34, Cleveland Browns 7
September 16th, 2007: Cleveland Browns 51, Cincinnati Bengals 45
September 30th, 2007: Cleveland Browns 27, Baltimore Ravens 13
October 14th, 2007: Cleveland Browns 41, Miami Dolphins 31
November 4th, 2007: Cleveland Browns 33, Seattle Seahawks 30 (OT)
December 23rd, 2007: Cincinnati Bengals 19, Cleveland Browns 14 (Paul Brown Stadium)
December 30th, 2007: Cleveland Browns 20, San Francisco 49ers 7
September 7, 2008: Dallas Cowboys 28, Cleveland Browns 7
September 14th, 2008: Pittsburgh Steelers 10, Cleveland Browns 7
September 28th, 2008: Cleveland Browns 20, Cincinnati Bengals 12 (Paul Brown Stadium)
October 13th, 2008: Cleveland Browns 35, New York Giants 14 *MNF

Uh Oh. Brady Quinn is on ‘High Alert’

Romeo Crennel is a fucking dick. This is laughable. When my favorite team isn’t a joke, real posts on this blog will come back. Until then you’ll get shit like this.

Maybe we should take a page out the Department of Homeland Security’s book, and have a color-coded section on the scoreboard to indicate the current level of Quinn Alert. Cal it the QAAS: “Quinn Alert Advisory System”.

– Green (Low) means DA is playing lights-out, and no defender has been within 5 yards of him. No risk of having to play Quinn.

– Blue (Guarded) means DA is playing very well, but because a few defenders have been relatively close, there is minimal chance that we’ll have to play Quinn.

– Yellow (Elevated) means DA is playing OK, and has a sack. Unless things take a sudden and unexpected turn for the worse, it is unlikely that we’ll have to play Quinn.

– Orange (High) means DA is not playing well, with more than one INT, a completion rate less than 50%, and multiple sacks from holding onto the ball too long. Quinn can relax, because DA might find his stride any time now.

– Red (Severe) means DA is being loaded into an extended-length ambulance, and Ken Dorsey is busy buying nachos at the concession stand. If Cribbs can’t be ready to go in at QB after calling a timeout, there is a slight possibility we’ll have to play Quinn.

Honestly? Fuck You Derek Anderson

Anderson is going to start next week at Jacksonville.

I hope and pray, if there is such a thing as football gods or a God at all…. that Del Rio and the Jaguars defense becomes the knight and shining armor of the Browns fan base.

This Anderson is killing us. KILLING US. Jacksonville: you guys have to help us. Please. Kick the bucket out from under the hangman’s noose.

Your Weekly Brady Quinn Rumor

It’s sunday, therefore there is another Brady Quinn trade rumor to report. PFT says that the Browns were offered a 1st and 2nd round pick for the rights to Quinn, by the Minnesota Vikings.

Take it with a grain of salt. If it were true why wouldn’t the Browns trade Quinn for those picks; recovering the value they have invested in the 2nd year player? They’re clearly committed to Derek Anderson. It’s a bad decision either way. You’re not going to play Quinn this year, so you need to commit to Anderson and stockpile the picks to make your team a contender (only since they’re not utilizing Quinn).

Really, we’re sick of the whole situation. It’s obvious that we’re Quinn supporters. But the Browns are doing the kid wrong. So, go ahead and shoot yourselves in the foot. Trade the guy, let the city of Cleveland revolt when he’s a winner in another city that wants him as a starting QB; and be done with it.

We’ve tired of Derek Anderson’s feast or famine play. But like we said, it is obvious the Browns don’t value Quinn as a starter in this league. At least get something for him while it’s there and use it to draft a young running back next year.

One to Remember: Browns defeat Giants 35-14 on Monday Night Football

I knew it all week long leading up to this one. The Browns had this game. This is also a game I’ve been waiting for to see for a long time, for multiple reasons. The New York Giants are my girlfriend’s team. We went to this game together as she came and visited me from New Jersey.
We spent the day in Muni lot hanging out. It was a good time. It was everything it should of been as we ended up tailgating with old friends from college under the moonlight before entering the stadium. I got to talk to the bone lady. We got our giant steaks stolen. We threw the pigskin. I talked classic Browns moments with a great guy from Youngstown. A guy who knew where he was when the fumble, the drive, and Red Right 88 occurred. It was great build up to what has been my crown jewel as a season ticket holder. It tops the Seattle game from last season.
I knew when Anderson hit Braylon Edwards on that slant–coming towards my end zone–that the Giants were in deep trouble. It confirmed my gut feeling. Buildings in Vegas were built on games like this, folks.
And I told those Giants fans who sat around me, the guy from the Bronx and my girl; that when Derek Anderson looks like he looked in the first half (despite it just being a 17-14 Browns lead) that this game was over. I was right.
Derek Anderson was the biggest story, although Braylon Edwards was a nice caveat. Anderson had the first half the dreams are made of, and hit Edwards on a bomb that you can’t argue about: it was an electrifying throw. The Browns won this game with some big plays through the air, using the high money offensive line to protect the QB; and then pounding it home with the running game for the win. I loved seeing Jerome Harrison lined up as a wideout. I liked the way the secondary made plays and intercepted Eli Manning 3 times. I loved Eric Wright sealing it with a pick down towards my end zone.
You have to give the Cleveland Browns fans big props this game. They were as loud as I’ve ever heard them, by far. Twice as loud as sunday night football against the Pittsburgh Steelers. And the intensity of the crowd lasted the entire ballgame. It was borderline uncomfortable. It was great.
If this was indeed the pinnacle of the Cleveland Browns season, it was a great one.

Browns set to roll in Rock city on Monday Night Football

It’s monday. The tailgate supplies are packed and the bus is set to leave and head up I-71 for the big game. As hard as the Browns have tried to make me not excited, I actually am. As long as the Browns win, I’ll be happy. I really did think in that TD drive that saved the day in Cincinnati that “these guys look like their old selves”.

I think the Browns have all the ingriedients to pull of an upset tonight. I really do. Full report to come.