Your Weekly Brady Quinn Rumor

It’s sunday, therefore there is another Brady Quinn trade rumor to report. PFT says that the Browns were offered a 1st and 2nd round pick for the rights to Quinn, by the Minnesota Vikings.

Take it with a grain of salt. If it were true why wouldn’t the Browns trade Quinn for those picks; recovering the value they have invested in the 2nd year player? They’re clearly committed to Derek Anderson. It’s a bad decision either way. You’re not going to play Quinn this year, so you need to commit to Anderson and stockpile the picks to make your team a contender (only since they’re not utilizing Quinn).

Really, we’re sick of the whole situation. It’s obvious that we’re Quinn supporters. But the Browns are doing the kid wrong. So, go ahead and shoot yourselves in the foot. Trade the guy, let the city of Cleveland revolt when he’s a winner in another city that wants him as a starting QB; and be done with it.

We’ve tired of Derek Anderson’s feast or famine play. But like we said, it is obvious the Browns don’t value Quinn as a starter in this league. At least get something for him while it’s there and use it to draft a young running back next year.

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