Honestly? Fuck You Derek Anderson

Anderson is going to start next week at Jacksonville.

I hope and pray, if there is such a thing as football gods or a God at all…. that Del Rio and the Jaguars defense becomes the knight and shining armor of the Browns fan base.

This Anderson is killing us. KILLING US. Jacksonville: you guys have to help us. Please. Kick the bucket out from under the hangman’s noose.

4 thoughts on “Honestly? Fuck You Derek Anderson

  1. Is it just me or does it look like the receivers do not want to play for d. a. anymore. This is the only explanation for the terrible performance given by Edwards and everyone else. They just don’t want to play for the guy. Derek is the killing the offense. Even though Frye sucked, he had a completion percentage of 65%, pretty good, even last year all d. a. could complete was 50 something percent. And he is completing like 43% this season.I WILL NOT WATCH OR ATTEND ANOTHER BROWNS GAME UNTIL BRADY IS IN. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

  2. Didn’t hear you guys complaining last year when Anderson was lighting up the scoreboard. Who is gonna save you, Brady Quinn? I don’t think so Cleveland.

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