Shuttin it down, for now.

Like Sands Through the Hour Glass…so are the Days of our Browns.

I don’t want to blog about NFL football anymore. Brady Quinn is out for the season. This has been the worst NFL season in my 26 years of life. Never has a team added so much disappointment, unhappiness, and utter bullshit to my life, to be frank. I will look back on 2008 as a dark time when I couldn’t even see enough light on the path to get back in from the cold.

So long Browns. It’s truly not worth it anymore.

Romeo Crennel to be Fired (part II)

Bud Shaw comes strong with one of his finest takes I’ve read in the Cleveland Plain Dealer in many years:

Did he think Quinn, who threw two interceptions, would never make a rookie mistake? What was it about Derek Anderson’s work here over two seasons that suggested he could “spark” an offense out of the bullpen?


Beyond that, we believe Crennel has already been fired although the news will work its way out of Berea tomorrow. Here is another clue, other than we’ve been told it.

A few weeks ago we sent Coach Crennel an email. We sent this email to We even checked our sentbox to verify there was no mistake. Suddenly tonight, when we send an email to that same address, it gets returned. We sent one again, and it gets returned.

The Browns act fast. Crennel has been shown the door; and they got his email out of the company database already. Phil Savage’s still works.

5 Picks after a long day

Just worked a 16 hour day after recovering from 2 days of the stomach flu. Excuse me for being a little behind on things. But hey, we did go 5-0 again last week in our picks, making us 10-0 in our last ten picks. And we’re picking the tough games.

Here’s 5 quick ones for the weekend:

Green Bay over New Orleans
Tennesee over New York Jets
Baltimore over Philadelphia
Atlanta over Carolina
Upset Pick: Arizona over New York Giants