Eli Manning, Pro Bowler

Finally, Eli Manning is a Pro Bowler. Manning in his 5th season was named to his first Pro Bowl along with 6 other Giants players (Tuck, Snee, O’Hara, Feagles, Carney).

Eli and Peyton Manning become the first set of brothers to ever play in the Pro Bowl. Eli has completed 60.3 % of his passes for 2938 yards and 20 TD compared to only 10 interceptions. Manning’s passer rating is 86.4 for the season.

Pretty happy that Eli has accomplished this, beating out other passers in the NFC like Tony Romo, Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers, and Donovan Mcnabb. Hopefully this is the first in a long line of Pro Bowl selections for Eli.

8 thoughts on “Eli Manning, Pro Bowler

  1. So i see that you’re still gay for Eli. goooooood girl is the only one that pays attention to your blog besides those that come around to mock you and she’s a bot. Haha.

  2. yeah I am really gay for Eli. Even though my reasoning for liking the Giants would be a female (my girl’s family is a Giants family). What do you expect? That I remain loyal to Browns football and only talk Browns? Lets talk about Ken Dorsey’s 146 yard upcoming performance or how many 1 catch games Donte Stallworth has left. Please. The Browns don’t deserve my loyalty. Grow a pair and instead of posting blindly, let me know who you are.

  3. We won’t be talking badly about Brady Quinn on this site. We don’t know what type of NFL QB he is gonna be yet. He’s played 2 and 1/2 games, and from what I saw he’s going to be good. My God though, who could succeed in Cleveland right now. It’s not a franchise it’s a leaguewide joke.

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