Champions Until the End

What a game that went down at the Land of the Sopranos (the Meadowlands) this past sunday. It doesn’t get much better than that. Eli Manning leads his team back from deficits of 21-10 and 28-20, hitting a key 2 point conversion pass beautifully to Dominic Hixon to tie the game.

The missed field goal by Carney in regulation to allow the game to go to overtime. This was the first game all season I found myself screaming at the television and actually getting into it.

You could tell that even the players knew what they were part of in the moment. The anouncing team of Madden and Micheals knew they were taking in a classic. The fans there saw one of the better regular season games to be played in the past 25 years. So much was at stake. No hotter team in football at the present than Carolina. It felt a lot like last year’s championship run in the playoffs didn’t it? Felt a little bit like the rallying cry the Giants had against the Pats in week 17 last year where they just kept hanging around and hanging around. So the Giants deliver an early Christmas present to so many with this win. It didn’t look good at times but they hung tough and they’ve the talk of football again, or at least the NFC.
There should be concerns as far as a few things go but for now this team has proven that you can’t “put them on paper” or talk x’s and o’s (at least not every week), and sometimes with teams that are special like these Giants I don’t think you can measure the character they have against the things against them. They are champions in every sense of the word. They’re under-manned and they just keep swinging.
A few things that will always stand out:
-Derrick Ward’s effort and the way he couldn’t be stopped on the ground.
-Justin Tuck getting through the game barely, sick as a dog but still gutting it out.
-Eli Manning had a nice night: 17/27, 181, TD, 0 INT. The converting of some key third downs were huge by Manning.
-Corey Webster’s play on Steve Smith to save the Panthers from getting into close field goal range with no time left.
-Kevin Boss showed up to play.

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