4 thoughts on “A Clip that says 1000 Words

  1. Explain to me how it couldn’t make sense.Could mevins succeed in the ‘cooler right now?My answer… No. He’s been booted from a respectable message board over and over and over again.My next comment, “He’s not a normal poster or person, he’s a web-wide joke.”I stand by that comment. “Mevins” will always be a running joke due to how horrible of a person you are. Do you disagree, if so why? You can jump around from team to team, QB to QB as much as you like, but we know who and how you are. Delete this. I don’t care. You suck, defend yourself.

  2. It’s good to know I have so many fans out there. Thanks for stopping by the site, again, and again. I don’t know any “T’s” in Stafford, Virginia. Maybe you should stop with the coy act and let me know who you are.I like the Giants because of the girl I’m marrying. And like I’ve said, I’m a football fan and my favorite ‘team’ sucks ass. The team that you’ve built your life around. I’m not doing it anymore. When I’m at a playoff game in two weeks with my Giants jersey on, you can blow me. It’s not going to bother me in any way that you don’t like it that I pull for more teams then just the Brownies. How does one ‘suceed’ on an internet discussion forum? I guess that’s where I was a bit unclear. Respectable message board? Haha. Get a grip, please. I’m a joke because I’m a horrible person? I live a very simple life these days. Of anyone who knows me, they’d struggle to say I’m a horrible person. Things that would make me a horrible person just aren’t in my playbook at this point. So no, I’m not gonna defend myself. Why don’t you tell me how I’m a horrible person, you little asswipe? I’m curious now.In short, kiss my ass. I could listen to keyboard tough guys like you every day and it’d never get old. Tell the ‘cooler (a message board in which I decided to no longer be a part of) to kiss my white ass.

  3. Something else…. Later today, the Browns play the Steelers, they’re attempting for what? Their 11th straight loss? I think they’ll manage it. While that game is on, I’ll be enjoying the Giants 2nd stringers in a meaningless game on the other network. What do you think of that? In fact, I’m more excited to watch the Broncos/Chargers game tomorrow night then any game on this weekend. It’s real football. I haven’t watched the Browns really in the month of December. I could give two shits about the Browns right now. They aren’t a real NFL team. Many in your precious cooler feel the same way because I read what they write. I’ll be back when they deserve my allegiance.Now quit readin’ my blog like you quit everything else cockboy.

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