It all goes down off exit 16W in New Jersey today

Today’s game in East Rutherford, New Jersey is a real golden opportunity for the New York Giants. Everyone is weighing in on it. The road to a repeat begins today. The Giants aren’t gonna be able to throw their way to an NFC Championship Game appearance. They’re going to need to run a 2-headed attack with Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward. That is why I like Eli Manning. He isn’t here for all the stats. He’s here to win. He’s a different egg then his brother Peyton.

He grew up watching Archie Manning take beating after beating. His dad would come home from taking a pounding and Eli would get him a coke and sit on the couch with him and his dad would be beat up after a tough loss. These are the fibers that make up the champion that is Eli Manning. Today I wouldn’t be surprised if he threw for 140 and the Giants win. The key is that they get more 3rd and 3’s and 3rd and 2’s then 3rd and 8’s for Eli.

Something else that is concerning is that his last postseason loss was to these Eagles. He played well, but they were the team he lost to last in the playoffs. Eli played a sparkling, untouched postseason last year. He was fabulous in every way. The model of consistency from a franchise QB. This year, I think a lot of people expect him to throw a critical interception at some point today. If he can keep that from happening, the Giants will win.

Brian Westbrook is a Giants killer. But that said, I don’t think he can beat Steve Spagnuolo’s defense by himself today. Donovan Mcnabb and Desean Jackson will need to have big contributable games as well.

This should be an absolute war. Things are going to be cold at kickoff. I hate to say it but my gut all week has told me Philadelphia Eagles, which has cut into some of my excitement for this matchup.

Won’t be long now

A snooze and a wake up from now and it all goes down. The game I’ve been waiting weeks to see. It will be an absolute war. Full in-depth wrap up and insights to come. Win or lose. Hopefully the Giants see the NFC title is there for the taking, and they will play like they know a trip to the Super Bowl is at stake.

And if they should win, I’ll be following their journey out to New Jersey for my first playoff game.

*Chris Landry just picked the Giants (kind of) and the Steelers on FOX Sports Radio FWIW.

Ravens win war 13-10 over Titans

[Game Book]

Despite failed attempts by Mr. 4-Cheese Pizza himself to ruin this game, this game will go down as an absolute classic in NFL history. If you watched the whole game, it was an absolute war. Guys being carted off the field virtually every play and a rugby scrum-like battle for field position by both teams.

In the end, 4 or 5 big time throws by a rookie quarterback along with a defense that gave up yards but got key turnovers was enough to knock the #1 seed from the playoffs. If anyone saw Keith Bulluck after the game, you know that the Titans have seen enough of the Ravens coming into LP Field and ending their Super Bowl aspirations.
Titans fans will complain about a botched delay of game call against Baltimore–allowing Flacco to find Todd Heap on a 3rd down play to extend what turned out to be the game winning drive. I’ll counter with: your team fumbled inside the 20 how many times? You committed 12 penalties. Your kicker missed a field goal. Take your medicine and know that your boring, afterthought team will enter next season not even considered a top-10 team.
Joe Flacco completed only 11 passes, with his first five going to Derek Mason, but he did not make mistakes. His arm can hit any spot on the field. It’s tough to have confidence issues when you’ve got an arm like that. It gives John Harbaugh the option to put the game in the young QB’s hands if he must and not second guess about it. And that last sentence could end up in a Peter King column come monday. Joe Flacco becomes the first rookie in the history of the NFL to win 2 playoff games. I gotta say I like the guy’s attitude and I enjoy watching him and this Ravens team play.
Browns fans sit at home on a snowy night and watch everything they want in a franchise and a team, and it’s all owned by their old buddy Art Modell.