A week from now, we’ll probably know

Terry Pluto does a really nice job within his blog in today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer article relating the history of Coach Eric Mangini’s Quarterback selection decisions.

Pluto is really the only quality writer left in Cleveland. Mary Kay Cabot and Tony Grossi are complete speculative hacks, but Pluto is still in a class by himself. The guy goes into deep detail and deep thought and you can tell at his core he really wishes the best for the Cleveland sports teams, especially the Browns.

Have a read if you get the opportunity.

Eric Mangini: "No decision on QB yet"

Eric Mangini, really to no surprise of my own; has decided to anounce that the QB competition in Cleveland is going to continue. Mangini made the anouncement (or lack thereof) at a press conference earlier this afternoon.

One just has to wonder what in the hell is going on in the mind of this guy. I have news for you, Bill Belichick you are not. You want to do all this in an attempt to keep the Minnesota Vikings guessing for a few extra days at who the QB will be some September 13? Dumb move. You’re going to cost your team in the long-run of production because the eventual leader is going to have affected confidence.

I really can’t believe this but at the same time; it’s Cleveland. It’s Eric Mangini. What a shit-show. I mean has it ever really been any different? Something is still rotten in Denmark here. Not everything adds up. I refuse to believe they’re still posturing to build trade value in one of the two QB’s which they’ve said they’re going to keep for the entire year.

Then you also get to wondering if Brady Quinn’s contract has anything to do with this reluctance to name a starter. From all our sources (and we’ve been checking) no one seems to have one, definitive, concrete answer.

Browns should do the right thing in extending Joshua Cribbs

Today’s main article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer talks about the Browns offering Joshua Cribbs a contract extension. The article talks about the fact that Cribbs has built himself into a contender to be the #2 wide receiver on the team, and that he is now a dynamic weapon that the offense is ran through.

Cribbs’ agent is saying that they’re not really looking for Devin Hester money, just a fair deal. If this guy is not trying to break the bank on you as an organization, don’t you kind of have to do what it takes to keep him locked up here for a career? I mean here’s a kid who has came in here from Kent State as an undrafted rookie and basically became our best player, our most valuable player. If this guy can’t stick long-term in your organization, who can?

I would expect the Browns to do the right thing in the near future and lock up Cribbs with a fair and long-term contract.

Browns find victory; and possible field general

The Cleveland Browns gave their fans some smiles on a beautiful Saturday evening on the lakefront. In this ever important 3rd preseason game that is often considered the final dress rehearsal, the Browns showed up and made plays that gave off the feel of a solid winning environment.
Brady Quinn was the star of the whole show, firing a 20 yard touchdown strike to Braylon Edwards on a slant. Quinn completed 11 of 15 passes for 128 yards and a touchdown.
Eric Mangini still says there’s no timetable for naming the starter. This is puzzling. What more is there to see or figure out? I think back to some of the best advice I’ve ever received–that the only poor decision is often being reluctant to make one at all.
Quinn was nothing but class after his performance.
“I expect to practice on Monday and that’s about it,” Quinn said. “Derek and I are both two mentally tough guys, and that’s why we’re here on this team as quarterbacks. If our coaches wanted us to go forever, I’m sure we can go forever.”
Regardless of what happens you have to really admire the way that Quinn played under the gun and under pressure. Eric Mangini is making a mistake by not letting Quinn finally put his stamp on this team in what has dwindled down to the remaining days before the season gets underway. It was a memorable night for Browns fans and Brady Quinn fans.

Some links of note: ESPN has the Browns ‘Camp Confidential’ up. They talk of the QB controversy of course and of whether or not the players on the squad will buy into Mangini’s system. It’s definitely worth the quick browse. [ESPN]

Also here’s some live updates from each Browns practice. Very cool. [CBS Sports]

Book Pimpage for the Ape of Football

I’ve always enjoyed reading Micheal Tunison’s (Christmas Ape) posts at Kissing Suzy Kolber. He’s a talented writer and I was surprised that he hadn’t ever attempted a book. But the wait is no more, and just in time for football season Tunison has released The Football Fan’s Manifesto.

Read a little more about the book on the KSK blog here. Below is a sneak peak at what Tunison touches on in his writings within the book.

The Football Fan’s Ten Commandments

  1. You Must Choose Your Team by the Age of Eight.
  2. Value That Team Above All Else, Even Yourself.
  3. Under No Circumstances Can You Switch Teams (And Expect to Live).
  4. There is a Limit to the Amount of Merchandise You Can Own (But It’s Very Generous).
  5. Sportsmanship is for the Athletes. Fans Can Gloat Endlessly.
  6. A Self-Induced Coma to Skip the Off-season is a Practical Solution to an Annoying Problem.
  7. An Inoffensive Fantasy Football Name is a Lame Fantasy Football Name.
  8. Wealth Doesn’t Matter So Long As You Don’t Have to Work Weekends.
  9. Respect Superstitions. If Your Team Lost, It’s Because You Jinxed Them.
  10. In Life, the Order of Importance: Football First, Football Second, Football Third, Family . . . uh, I Don’t Know, twelfth?
We’ll consider giving Tunison’s book a read if we have the time and resources to do it. But we’d never do anything but recommend it to the die hard football fan, which Ape clearly is (even if he is a Steelers homer).

Brett Favre headed to Vikings it appears

Sources are reporting that Brett Favre is coming back once again. This is one of the craziest and bizarre twist of events that I can remember in recent memory. And although Favre would open up against my Cleveland Browns, I have to say I’m going to enjoy getting one last look watching him play.

If you’re a football fan, you don’t have to like Brett Favre but you have to respect him. He gives the Vikings a raise in their passing game and for 1-year and $12 million dollars, they’d tell you its a decent bargain for them.
Update: Favre is officially a Viking, 1 year, $12 million.