The 5 year anniversary links

I’ve been with my girlfriend for five years today. Hard to believe. She’s grown from a young lady who used to give me a hard time about drinking too much and spending too much time on projects like this very blog to my best friend and someone who I’m sure will always be a fixture in my life. Just thought that after five long and wonderful years with someone; it was worth a mention even if this is a football blog.

Here’s some links:

-A recap by Peter Kings of last night’s exciting Monday Night Football game between the Dolphins and the Colts. [SI]

-Matthew Stafford is struggling early for Detroit. [ESPN NFL Nation]

-The Jets just seem to have Tom Brady’s number. [Pro-Football Reference Blog]

-Wade Phillips & Jerry Jones after the Giants loss this past Sunday evening. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

-Analysis on everything that is wrong with the Browns offense. [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

-Brady Quinn, still the starter for now. [PFT]

-The ever important power rankings. [ESPN NFL Nation]

-Hopefully, Brady Quinn can take advantage of a banged up Baltimore secondary (but he probably won’t). [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

-Mike Lombardi’s full weekend round-up. [National Football Post]

-Patrick Willis is the face of the 49ers franchise. [Pro Football Weekly]

-Kind of a sad day for me, Plaxico Burress is going away for a few years. [NY Times 5th Down]

-Ted Ginn Jr. had 11 catches last night, but the ball he didn’t catch would have won the game for the Dolphins. [NFL Fanhouse]

-More fodder from the Giants 33-31 win over Dallas on Sunday Night. [The Blue Screen/NYDN]

-Finally, Larry Fitzgerald’s brother got in some hot water over Twitter. [Deadspin]

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