Turning my back on my team for the last time

I’m done with them. Forever, and for good. I’m truly done being a Cleveland Browns fan. I’m not going to miss it.
Brady Quinn has lost his starting job. I don’t need to speak on what kind of train wreck the organization is. I want Sundays to be fun again. The Browns don’t deserve my devotion. So I’m going to pick a new team. I’m narrowing the field of fun teams to watch. When the Browns went away in 1996, I pulled for the Packers. Now I’m going to head to the sports bar every Sunday and pull for either the New York Jets, the New York Giants, the Atlanta Falcons, or Green Bay Packers. Organizations that do things the right way.
I like the Jets a lot. I like Mark Sanchez. I like Coach Rex Ryan. Although I’ve liked the Giants for a long time (since 2004 when I started dating a New Jersey girl), that would be kind of copy catting. I need my own new original team. So by this weekend, I’m going to select a brand new team. And I’m thinking it’s going to be the New York Jets.
The Browns are something I’m going to leave in my rear view. And I don’t care how fucked up that really is. I know a lot of lifelong Browns fans who feel the same way. Maybe someday, I’ll come back. I reserve that right. But I’ll never root for Eric Mangini. That franchise is snakebitten, and they won’t be missed.

6 thoughts on “Turning my back on my team for the last time

  1. Ah, I'm sorry man. I don't mean to be a butthead by doing this. I just can't take anymore dang Browns and their inept decisions. I grew up with Brady Quinn and he's getting a raw deal. I hate Eric Mangini more then sin. I want Sundays to be enjoyable for me again. When they fire Mangini, I can always come back!

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