People wonder why I don’t like the Browns anymore

Derek Anderson was hideous for the what, third week in a row? Eric Mangini is a foolish prick. Brady Quinn should be playing. So after they fucked Quinn, I mean what fun is this to watch? I don’t even know where to start. It’s really a lot of fun to watch other team’s get their backup QB’s some snaps every week against the Browns. It’s a real joy. This organization is such a joke. I honestly would love to see them lose out, go 1-15 and see if that little czar Mangini comes back for 2010.

This team is a joke! Your wasting your time watching these guys. Only a fool and only in Cleveland would all this happen.


It’s Sunday

A depressing Sunday. Brady Quinn has lost his starting job and his time in Cleveland appears to be pretty much done. We’ll keep our eye on the Jets at New Orleans as well as the Giants heading to Kansas City. The Monday night tilt (Packers/Vikings) should be a very good game as well.