Source: Jets players see team chemistry as strength

I have a source who addressed the situation of the star-studded New York Jets off the field chemistry recently. Here’s what he had to say:

Having talked to several of the players, off the record, they’re not worried about team character.

They said that players like Holmes, Cromartie, Edwards have all shown up and done well and done what they’re supposed to.

One player broke it down like this:

The team has brought in character guys in the draft this year. Wilson is smooth and chill but a jokester. Ducasse is a hard worker, straight-up. McKnight is not someone to worry about, just young. Conner is a great locker-room guy.

Then there is the core of leaders, high character guys. Ferguson, Jenkins, Richardson, Woody, Moore, Mangold, etc. These guys keep things tight.

And the one player that impressed this guy the most? Mark Sanchez. Says he’s becoming a real leader on the team.

So you roll that dice a little and bring in this player or that one – in the right environment, they have something to prove.

Gotta love that the team is buying into not only the coach but the young signal caller. If these guys stay healthy, they’re so dangerous it’s not even funny. Maybe those Super Bowl Odds have some weight to them.

Madden NFL 11 Looms Closer

Look at that screen shot. That’s about as real looking as it gets. I cannot wait until this game comes out, although I’m pissed about the lack of franchise mode enhancements in the game this year.

Still, nothing beats staying up all night the night you get Madden and calling in sick to work the next day because you couldn’t put the damn thing down.

Madden is a little bit like Golf. It might have a lot of shitty and annoying tendencies, but when the ball reaches the cup and you hear that sound; it’s that one moment, that one shot that brings you back.

For me, it’s the fact that it’s the first video game I ever played (old Sega Genesis).

Jets getting some positive press

At a wedding last night I was talking with one of my NFL fan buddies who was talking about the Jets being able to rush 8 whenever they want, with the DB personnel that they’re enlisting this season.

Well here’s some more good reading, Dennis Thurman says this is the best secondary he’s ever coached.

“It could be the deepest we’ve had, even in Baltimore, from top to bottom,” the Jets’ secondary coach told me. “We had some good players in Baltimore, but not the depth we have here. It could be the best secondary I’ve ever had, top to bottom. That’s saying a lot.

Thurman considers the 2006 Ravens the best he’s ever had prior to this year.

The other article has Boomer Esiason talking about Mark Sanchez’s progress.

“Now what that next step will be will be determined by how comfortable he gets with his new wide receivers, how good he feels with his young running back and really how the offensive line plays,” Esiason said. “I think he really should be able to lead the Jets back to the playoffs — and who knows, maybe even the Super Bowl.”

Going to be a big year for The Sanchise. He’ll make the passing game a tough out all year long for the Jets.