Madden NFL 11 Seems to Suck

So I played the Madden NFL 11 demo on Playstation 3 tonight, and I’m pretty underwhelmed. The ‘strategy pad’ that has been implemented sucks ass. In an effort to give gamers more control, there’s actually much less. It’s basically the same game, re-hashed and harder to actually play in terms of gameplay.

Many of the players’ faces are not updated, so you get the same generic faces on the non-stars and superstars. So, this means many of your draft picks will still look the exact same.

The gameflow could be a cool feature, but it appears that it will take forever to set up before a game; and it limits your playcalling severely. The hot route is nowhere to be found.

I look at it this way: I’m as big of a Madden fan as there ever was. I’ve been loyal to this often disappointing series time and again; but the bottom line is I might not waste the money on it this year. It’s not worth it.

I might go with NCAA 11 and just forget about Madden altogether. Until they do something that truly makes it worth it; I refuse to just buy it because it’s tradition. It’s a sad but true fact.


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