I could spend hours on ‘SLICKRICKDOG’ s YouTube channel. Hours I tell you.

Literally, if you have stuff to do today and you’re a huge NFL fan, do not click. Oh, how I miss the golden age of this league.

I think granny and I watched this game together. I miss you grandma.


All things NFL Season – Bring it on!

Today, I ordered HBO so I can watch the Jets on Hard Knocks, and I did my annual renewal of the NFL Network. I’m ready for football season. Except I almost forgot one thing that’s essential to any NFL season; and that would be NFL betting.

I’m going to start saving my hard earned dollars now so I can set some aside for NFL betting; which makes any football fan a greater fan.

You know what? As much as I want to say it’s going to be the Jets and the Cowboys in the Super Bowl, something tells me that it’s going to end up someone else. The Jets schedule is just too tough and they’ll get too beat up on the journey. I’d look out for a darkhorse to emerge like the Atlanta Falcons and possibly oppose a team like the San Diego Chargers. Then again, that’s who I had pegged for the big game last year.

I guess until someone knocks off the Colts in the AFC, you have to like their chances. That said, don’t count out the Vikings getting into the big game to oppose them in Brett Favre’s swansong.

HBO’s Hard Knocks can’t get here soon enough


This is going to be a great series. This is reason alone for me ordering an extension to my cable package. It helps that I also get the NFL Network along with ordering HBO and Showtime. Possibly my favorite NFL coach in the past decade or two opens up the promo with:

“Let’s go out and kick some ass. It’s time to win a Super Bowl.”

Is it football season yet? God I’m going to love being a Jets fan.

HT: Pro Football Talk

Tebow is a beast on Madden 11

This ESPN article talks a little bit about the beast that Tim Tebow will be for gamers.

And when you talk Broncos right now, you can’t go anywhere without hearing the name Tim Tebow. The rookie quarterback has one of the most unique stat lines in all of “Madden” as he is the highest-rated quarterback in the game when it comes to trucking, carrying and jumping, he’s the second-highest-rated quarterback in terms of strength and toughness, but he’s only 58th when it comes to throwing accuracy. Don’t worry if one of his passes ends up in the wrong hands, though, as Tebow also has the highest tackle ability in the game out of any signal caller, so when he throws a pick in “Madden,” it might be time to bust out the quarterback Hit Stick.

I expect Tebow to be a fun guy to play with on the game, especially online. This was via Tebow Tracker on ESPN.com.

The sour on NFL Season

I was talking with an acquaintance recently whom had several friends who’d advanced on to play in the NFL. From what they told him; and what he told me, getting to that level just isn’t what you think it is.

As we are now two months away from the 2010 NFL Season, I find myself a bit soured on the sport.

Basically from what these guys were saying, and I’ve heard it before; the NFL is all about ‘getting yours’. Accumulating your numbers. Accumulating your stats. You blowing up another guy in practice to earn more reps on the practice field. Nursing an injury to protect yourself.

There is no semblance of team. There’s no semblance of close-knit. I think that special teams that went deep into the playoffs on team chemistry were either a complete mirage at the time or simply a complete thing of yesterday that will never return.

This is something that I figure will rest in the back of my mind as we approach the upcoming season. It’s not like Major League Baseball where you’re truly forced to become a family with your 25 man roster. Where chemistry can help you catch fire and win a division and pennant. This is the NFL, where the one man gang can prosper.