Five Pick Friday

Above is a picture of my real Buffalo Wild Wings where I usually take in all of the 1 o’ clock games. Last week I had an up and down week. I went 12-4 overall in my pick em’ and if some backwards stuff hadn’t have happened and the teams that should have won would have held serve I would have probably went 15-1.

Remember, how I differ from your Frank Caliendo’s and your experts is I pick the five toughest games each week. Anyone can have a good record picking Cleveland at Baltimore, and I refuse to do that on this blog.

Here are the weekly picks that you should book; and make sure you take into consideration we’re picking the straight up winners not the spread. We only pick winners here.

Atlanta goes to New Orleans in what I think will be a high scoring affair. I believe this will be the game of the week. I also think that Atlanta has an excellent shot to unseat New Orleans in that division this season, and if you’ll remember; I have Atlanta representing the NFC in the Super Bowl. But I don’t have the balls to pick against Drew Brees and the Saints at home just yet. Atlanta might not lose another game for two months after this Sunday and they’ll beat New Orleans when they come to Atlanta, but this Sunday the Saints will win something like 34-28. It will be an epic game if you get the chance to watch it.

There’s a lot of coin flip games that I don’t see as so ‘coin flip’. Pittsburgh going to Tampa Bay is another one of these. Historically, Pittsburgh has struggled in these match-ups going down to Florida. I still think even with Charlie Batch playing, they find a way to win by a field goal. Pittsburgh improves to 3-0 down in the Florida sun by beating Tampa Bay this Sunday.

San Francisco goes to Kansas City in a game they must have. I picked the ‘Niners to be great this season, and I still think big things lie ahead. This is where they get on track and beat an inflated Chiefs team that is still a 6-win team at best. The 49ers win Sunday at Arrowhead in a statement game for Mike Singletary.

Miami and the Jets lock up in a big game on Sunday Night Football. It’s hard for me to pick against the Jets, but everything surrounding them this week tells me that they’re destined for 1-2 and the storylines will about Braylon Edwards DWI and Darrelle Revis being banged up. Miami will get the win Sunday Night as the Jets fall just short.

UPSET SPECIAL: An underdog finds a way every week in this league. Houston hosts Dallas and has a chance to be 3-0 and the Cowboys would be buried at 0-3 with a loss. Don’t expect the high scoring affair that everyone thinks it will be. Something like 21-17 will do, and Dallas will get rid of the goose egg and seemingly survive one more tightrope walk as they’ve done over the course of time with Wade Phillips at the helm. Phillips is nearing the end, but a win in Houston will give the Cowboys fans some false hopes for at least a week.

Last Week: 3-2
Season: 3-2


Badasses by Peter Richmond

I bought a book tonight called Badasses by Peter Richmond. I could have easily went with a few baseball books that I’ve been wanting to read all season; but since it’s football season I decided to go with a read on John Madden’s horse-thieving’ Oakland Raiders.

I’m pretty excited about the read. I read most of John Matuszak’s Cruisin with the Tooz and it was one of my favorite books. I saw there is an entire chapter devoted to the Tooz in this book. I’ll have to fight back the urge to read ahead.

This was the team that everyone loved just before I was born and the team that won the Super Bowl the year I was brought into this world.

The Raiders are a shell of their former self and they may never return to the days of their storied past, but the glory days cannot be denied. This should be a great read from cover to cover.

Braylon is sorry, but he won’t learn

Braylon Edwards is extremely apologetic about his DWI. I don’t know if I’m buying it at this point.

It’s important to remember that Braylon is 27 years old. At what point does this pattern behavior just become the hardened cement and who Braylon Edwards is as an NFL player and more importantly as a person.

He’s 27 years old. At this point one must figure that you are who you are; and who that person is must enjoy the things that come along with being a big time NFL receiver more than actually going out on Sundays and doing it.

It’s interesting, because I have a hard time differentiating from what Braylon Edwards did the other night over what Micheal Irvin used to do. Teammates say that Edwards works hard and is a good teammate. I guess where the separation comes from the Michigan star and the Hall of Fame receiver Irvin would be that Irvin loved to compete on Sundays. Braylon just does it because it’s good at it.

While I don’t think the Jets will release Edwards, I do think it’s going to cause them to slip to 1-2 indirectly. If this hadn’t taken place, they’d went into Miami as the underdogs and taken 1st place in the AFC East. Now the story will go down in history as Braylon Edwards and his drinking until 5:15 am on a season weeknight cost them dearly.

At this point, the man is who he is; and I don’t think he’ll clean his act up.

The Browns show their own commitment problems

The Cleveland Browns are a mess.

There are reports (as there figuratively would be) that the Browns called the Eagles last night regarding Kevin Kolb.

I can say with what I know of the situation, this is completely true. I have a connect with the Browns and sometimes I hear some things. I heard in the off-season that Kolb was the new Cleveland Browns brass (Holmgren, Heckert, etc.) hottest commodity. They wanted him badly.

So the first thing that I thought of last night after I heard about Mike Vick taking over for Kevin Kolb after just a half of football, was how long would it be before the bumbling Browns are flying over top of Kolb’s corpse?

I wasn’t far off. I never have been with this predictable, bad, and indecisive franchise.

I mean after all, the Browns have a commitment to Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace; right? These are guys who Mike Holmgren hand picked and ‘set the table’ as far as the position goes. Then you’ve got the ‘QB of the future’ in Colt McCoy. Another Holmgren hand-picked future stud I’m sure (although at least you can root for Colt because he’s a good kid stuck in a bad place).

Cleveland should just stick to what their good at; selecting guys in the draft and ruining their careers. This joke of an organization employs losers like Eric Mangini and jettisons good people every off season, and Browns fans wonder why they are forever losers. It starts at the top, and if I know people in Cleveland they’re praying and ringing their hands to bring the savior Kevin Kolb home.

What else are they going to do? Their season is over after two weeks and they’re going to end up 3-13 again. The draft just happened.

Andy Reid names Mike Vick the starter in Philly

In a move that was shocking, but then again not so hard for me to believe; Mike Vick has been named the starter for Kevin Kolb.

The negative takes are pouring in, and I agree this is an extremely out of character move by Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles. That is an organization that has made it’s stake off not backtracking and doing things like this.

The bottom line; is that Mike Vick is still and will always be a coach killer. And now the temptress has seduced one of the best coaches in all of the business. This could be the move that signals the beginning of the end for Reid in Philadelphia. And no matter how he spins it, the commitment to the Black Widow that is Mike Vick and not the proclaimed “QB of the future” in Kevin Kolb is a problem.

As Peter King points out; it would be hard to ever trust Reid again.

Oh the soap opera of being a Quarterback in the NFL. Outside of a select few guys, no one is safe for long.

Jets save their season; win 28-14 over Patriots

[Shutdown Corner] [] [NYDN] [ESPN NFL Nation]

After waiting around until 4:15 PM ET on my Sunday and then the first quarter after that, I was finally rewarded with some good football to watch, and the Jets didn’t stop delivering until the clock read nothing but zeroes.

This was a really good game, and it was the finest game of Mark Sanchez’s entire career. Sanchez had some help in this game from guys like Dustin Keller, Braylon Edwards, LaDanian Tomlinson, and Jason Taylor (as well as Antonio Cromartie); but this game was the statement game of Mark Sanchez’s career.

With the bright spotlight on him, and the big hits piling up; Sanchez made every throw and continually made throws at clutch moments that would get him a win over a future Hall of Fame QB in Tom Brady.

Sanchez fired touchdown strikes to Braylon Edwards, Jerricho Cotchery and Dustin Keller while the Jets scored 21 unanswered points to salt away the Patriots. They did so without the help of Darrelle Revis, who grabbed his hamstring after being beaten for an incredible touchdown pass by Randy Moss.

In the end, it was a hard fought victory that had a cap put on it by Jason Taylor’s strip of Brady late in the fourth quarter.

Other observations

-LaDanian Tomlinson looks completely rejuvenated. His yards per carry average is back over 5 and if he continues to play like this he’ll be the starting running back. When Shonn Greene is in the game the defense knows its a run, and the Jets are easier to defend.

-Mark Sanchez’s third down play of the day was the improvised flip to Tomlinson. Sanchez took a few huge hits early on and when the Jets were down he almost looked like he was pouting or aching a little bit. He got it back together quickly and hit one long third down throw after another, looking like he fought off the urge to throw short several times and kept his eyes down field.

-Brodney Poole made a great play on a ball to keep his feet in bounds on an interception, a ball that was tipped by Randy Moss.

-I want to add in this analysis of the game from The Jets Blog.