Browns will name The Colt their starting Quarterback

My source tells me via text that it’s “Colt McCoy’s job to lose”.

Verbatim: I hear its mccoys job to lose now we are going to see if the kid is for real man I hope he is I like his style.

This is incredible news. And I’d expect it to make it’s way out in the media slowly. By Tuesday the Plain Dealer or someone from ESPN will be running with it. But you heard it here first. Apparently for weeks on end McCoy has been impressing everyone in the organization in practice even beyond what he did in his first two games.

Beyond that, Carlton Mitchell has been putting in a ton of time working with McCoy I hear and it is expected that this guy develop into a frequent target for the Colt.

It’s Sunday

The highlight of the day is the Jets taking on the Packers at the new Meadowlands. The Rams host the Carolina Panthers. The Bengals host the Miami Dolphins. The Minnesota Vikings play Belicheck and the Patriots. This could be the first Sunday in about 17 years that Brett Favre doesn’t suit up. But I bet he does.

High drama is coming.

Browns LT Joe Thomas joins the dipshit brigade

The Browns are about to have three quarterbacks healthy. This has prompted Seneca Wallace (who is a career back-up, nothing more, nothing less) to declare that Eric Mangini (who needs to be fired) needs to decide on a guy between him, Jake Delhomme, and Colt McCoy.

And that opened the door for Joe Thomas to put his foot in his mouth:

“All three have made a real good case for himself,” Thomas said. “It’s a lot better than the situation we were in last year when we couldn’t find one who could play. This year it’s like we have three guys who can play. So I don’t think we can go wrong.”

Really, Joe?

Delhomme has thrown 1 TD, 4 interceptions, and has a rating of 48.2 for the year. This is coming off a season in which he turned it over about 30 times.

Joe Thomas is a moron. Way to talk out of both sides of your mouth (last year and in years past he insisted that Brady Quinn could play).

“I don’t think we can go wrong”. Pssht. Joe, that’s all that has happened in Cleveland for over a decade. Just shut up and block.

Eric Mangini is still a fat fuckhead

In the wake of LeBron James playing the victim with his new Nike commercial, the door is really open for the Cleveland Browns to steal the stage this time of year.

The excitement of Cleveland could all be built around Colt McCoy after his big win in New Orleans, that is if he was announced the starting Quarterback. Which Eric Mangini isn’t ready to do:

“With the decision as we get Seneca back and Jake back, which we may have a chance for one or both against New England, then I’ll just sit down and think about it. I’ll talk to Brian (Daboll), I’ll talk to Mike (Holmgren); I’ll definitely get his input. He’s been through these decisions quite a few times. It’s got to get to the point where it really is a decision as opposed to where we’re at now, where we just got a couple games under our belts.”

And why would they? When Cleveland can watch 30-year old career back-up Seneca Wallace or 35-year old over the hill player Jake Delhomme and feed to the fans that these veterans give them a better chance to win each week.

This is how Cleveland has gotten to where Cleveland is at now. Go ahead and start these guys. Don’t get a feel for what this kid can do and draft another QB in the first round when we have other needs. After all, this is Cleveland.