I should probably do this for a living

What, you thought I meant blogging? Nope, I meant picking NFL winners.

Now, granted this is straight up. A lot of the dickheads out there think they’re big shit because they pick against the spread. I can do that as well, but you can’t discredit picking straight up when you win this often. But this goes to show that thus far–I’m having a big, big year. Find an expert out there who has picked more winners than I have.

It’s amazing because I’m really a baseball guy. I played baseball. I can pretty much tell you how that is going to go too. But I’m definitely a baseball guy who knows his football.

Derek Anderson, still a cancer

I maintain that Derek Anderson is just not a guy you want anywhere near your football team. Anderson did this last night after the 49ers 27-6 win over the Arizona Cardinals. He used to routinely pull this shit in Cleveland. Throw a pick, laugh about it. Throw 5 picks, laugh about it. Lose a game, shrug it off as long as he completed 50% and didn’t throw any INT’s or have any turnovers. This guy is like the worst possible person you could ever have on your professional sports franchise.

Hat tip: that little Italian at PFT Florio.

It’s Sunday

It’s Sunday again, and I’m going to be spending the early morning hours driving back from holiday weekend in New Jersey. Hopefully I make it home safely not too long after the 1:00 games begin. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what happens in Atlanta (Packers in town for an NFC showdown of supremacy) and also to see some of the 4:00 games. I could care less about what happens in the Cleveland game because Colt McCoy isn’t going to be under center. It’s Sunday, so soak it up. Can’t wait to get home to my new 50″ flat screen and take it all in.

Black Friday

Right now I’ve got the Backyard Brawl on and I’m waiting for the Iron Bowl, which could be the biggest Iron Bowl in the history of Alabama/Auburn. While you’re sitting around eating turkey sandwiches with extra mayo (that is if you avoided the Black Friday rush), there is some very, very good football to be watched today, tomorrow and Sunday.

The thing I took from yesterday would have been Tom Brady’s performance in the Patriots 45-24 victory. The guy just proves again and again on game day why he is the best Quarterback of this era, taking the torch from Joe Montana during my childhood. If you like football, this guy is absolutely amazing. He’s probably playing better football than he did during his historic 2007 season by now going 199 straight passes without an interception.

Brady’s continued dominance is what I’ll take from this Thanksgiving day, but there were two more pretty good games to watch after New England blew out Detroit. It seems like the first game of the day is the one that sticks with you just because it’s your first football fix of the day. It started out a competitive ballgame but Bill Belichick’s band of football players got another big and impressive victory.

Not to be lost in the shuffle, the Jets kept pace by beating Cincinnati in the Land of the Sopranos 26-10. My boy Mark Sanchez brought the Jets back from a deficit but only threw for 166 yards and a touchdown. The wins by the Jets sets up a showdown for the NFL game of the year on Monday Night Football between the Patriots and Jets on December 6th. The winner of the game is probably going to be a home-field advantage candidate while the loser will battle it out for a 5th or 6th seed and get no home game. It’s a playoff game before the playoffs are going to be played.

Now that Colt McCoy is potentially out for the season; I have to find some other team to hold my interests.

It’s Thanksgiving, and the Jets are on

It’s Thanksgiving day and my team is playing today. They play the third part of a rivalry against the Bengals that has featured some really good games in the past year. Actually, the Jets have probably had a hand in destroying and derailing the Bengals best shots at a title run. They beat them 37-0 in the season finale last year to get into the playoffs; and then 24-14 in the Wildcard Round in Cincinnati.

Today, it’s probably a chance to bring the dagger to Marvin Lewis and the Bengals.

I’m used to watching the Detroit Lions and then dozing off for the afternoon part of the double-header against the Dallas Cowboys. That’s tradition to me. It’s what I’ve grown up doing on this illustrious day.A few years back in 2004 or 2005 or so, the NFL decided to take away my Saturday afternoon football in December and add the 3rd Thanksgiving game. It was often part of my tradition to head down to my fathers on Thanksgiving night and watch this third game of the Thanksgiving day on the NFL Network (he was the only guy I knew who got the network) and spend a few hours with him.

Today, my team gets to play on Thanksgiving day. They’re in the middle of a very special season and tonight is a night to not only celebrate and give thanks, but to keep it going. If the Jets want to go to the Super Bowl, today is another important day in that run. So I’ll root against the Patriots in the early game and hope Detroit can pull off some kind of miracle; and I’ll live and die on every down the Jets play tonight in hopes that they can move to 9-2. The importance of home-field advantage can never be overstated.

Here’s that miracle drive last week against the Texans in case you’re wondering why I love this team so much: