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As much as I would love to see the New York Jets sliding past the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday evening, I just don’t see it. You just can’t emotionally get up week after week like they have been. And if the win in Indianapolis wasn’t their Super Bowl, this past Sunday in New England certainly was.

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Nah’gunna need this anymore

This was an actual poster hanging at Gillette Stadium yesterday before the loss to the New York Jets. I hope that no one canceled big plans for Championship Sunday.

Red Sawks fans like Bill Simmons are going to have a lot more time to brush up on their fantasy baseball knowledge and to get ready for the Celtics getting ousted by the Heat in the NBA playoffs.

Peter King tells more on the story:

“Did you know,” GM Mike Tannenbaum said this morning from New Jersey, “we dressed 11 defensive backs for this game? Eleven out of 45 players. That’s pretty amazing.”

Let’s count them. The Jets started in nickel. Eric Smith and Brodney Pool at safety, Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie at corner, with Drew Coleman the extra corner. That’s five. Three extra corners dressed: Kyle Wilson, Dwight Lowery and Marquice Cole. That’s eight. Three extra safeties: James Ihedigbo and United Football League refugees Isaiah Trufant (the UFL defensive player of the year this season) and Emanuel Cook. They all played, combining for 36 tackles, and they contributed to clogging the lanes and forcing Brady to pat, pat, pat and throw gopher balls.

Check out

Watching NFL football today? If you’re like me, you definitely are. I’m hoping the Jets beat the Patriots and are in route to a Super Bowl appearance. I like the underdog for multiple reasons–it’s more fun to root that way–and that’s where the real money is made. And if you’re going to be doing any betting, check out Sports Untapped. Sports Untapped has you covered for all your Super Bowl XLV betting needs.

Victories are won in the Hearts of Men

I’ll say this: why did the Colts try to force the running game so much?

If the Colts stand back and throw slants all game long and quick passes and really just throw constantly I don’t see this as being a Jets win. The Jets really didn’t show the ability to stop those quick passes or slants all game long. The Colts played into the Jets hand every time they ran the ball. It made so sense to try and do so. The Jets wouldn’t have won in a shootout.

I knew once the Jets starting running the ball that they would win with the way they stopped the run because the Colts didn’t try and score like crazy. The Colts played possession to possession with the Jets. The Jets took that game over and the reason is because Jim Caldwell failed to see the fold. He allowed it.

That was one of the best playoff games I’ve seen in a long time. I was completely amped when Sanchez hit Braylon Edwards on that deep pass down the sidelines to get well within Nick Folk’s range. Browns fans can complain all they want about Braylon Edwards dropping balls but I have a question for you Browns fans: did he hang onto that one?

The Jets are winners. Last night they won a little ugly. But they played stout defense and they controlled the line of scrimmage. LaDanian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene just powered the Colts defensive line. And the Jets have now found a formula that may get them past the New England Patriots next weekend.

Wild Card Saturday 2011

This is one of the best days of the entire sports year. From the time I was a little kid I’ve always loved Wildcard Playoff Saturday.

The day kicks off with the stinker match up of the weekend; Drew Brees and the Saints traveling to Qwest Field in Seattle to take on the Seahawks. The spread is 10.5 for the Saints and I don’t know really if I expect that big of a drubbing but obviously the Saints are going to win this game. I didn’t know that Seattle had won four straight home playoff games either.

The game I’m really looking forward to tonight is the New York Jets going to Indianapolis to take on the Colts. I fully expect the Colts to break my heart, as I’ve ridden with the Jets all year long and I love Mark Sanchez. I love Rex Ryan, although the love is wearing a little more thin the more he runs his mouth. But it is going to be an absolutely great night and great memories are in store if the Jets can get the “W” tonight.

This could be the last Wildcard Saturday any of us get to enjoy for a while. So blow your diet, have an extra beer or gin and tonic or whatever it is that you like to enjoy while the pigskin is on your television set. This is what it’s all about football fans.

Wildcard Saturday awaits. And as John Madden used to say then the finality of the situation sets in. Then there’s 8 teams. Then there’s four. Then there’s two teams. Then one.