Merry Maddenoliday ’11

The day has arrived. Madden 12 comes out at midnight.

Since I was young, this has been a time honored tradition. Even though I’m exhausted and haven’t slept real well in weeks, I’ll be sure to be there in line tonight at midnight at Gamestop to pick up my pre-ordered copy of Madden 12. And I’ll throw it in the PS3 and play a few games while all of my other co-workers are in bed. I’ll do this the week before my wedding when I should be getting as much sleep as possible because it’s who I am.

This is because Madden is in the fibers of who I am. The game is no longer perfect, and maybe it never was. But it’s still Madden and it’s the only representation of the NFL in a video game form. For that reason, I’ll probably continue to give it a chance each and every year in hopes that I can find a glimpse of the past and what made it so great for me. Those days when I just couldn’t put the game down were not so long ago.

In a lot of ways, we’ve been there since the beginning. I was hooked when my brother introduced me to Madden 92 back on the Sega Genesis. I was addicted. How my brother knew about it I still don’t know, because he was by no means a pro football fan. But for 20 years now, this has been a part of my life. It’s almost hard to believe.

I’ll conclude the Maddenoliday post with the greatest Madden commercial of all-time:

I’ll post some screen shots later tonight and maybe some franchise box scores. Hopefully the bugs in the game won’t be rampant. Don’t let me down this time Madden.

Terrelle Pryor, an Oakland Raider

Terrelle Pryor was selected in the supplemental draft today by the Oakland Raiders. For anyone who foolishly thought anything different, Al Davis and the Raiders see Pryor as a Quarterback.

The guy will flop as an NFL QB. This isn’t going to work. I thought that maybe a team like the Dallas Cowboys or Pittsburgh Steelers could take him on in a Kordell Stewart role where he would come in, learn the offense and be a ‘slash’ type player. Maybe in that role, the guy has a chance on a successful team.

But going to the Raiders all but guarantees that he will never be a main eventer.

Pryor is Maurice Clarett II. Oakland will be a continuation of the trainwreck, and he owes Al Davis for making him an NFL player because if it weren’t for the senile I’m not sure that Pryor would ever be under center in an NFL stadium.

After a few scouts catch a glimpse of his throwing motion under pressure–he’ll be out of football.

Fantasy Football Draft tonight

So I’ve decided to undertake being the commish in our 12-team league with some friends from work. We’re having the draft at Buffalo Wild Wings, so I should get some good pictures and stories for tomorrow’s entries.

It’s no secret, but with the #4 overall pick I want to try to land Jamaal Charles. I would be more than happy with him at 4. From there, I’m going to be selecting again at pick 21 and looking to land another running back who will get the bulk of the carries. I’m hoping Hillis/Steven Jackson/Run DMC McFadden are available there.

My thought is to land a Quarterback late–as I did last year with Mark Sanchez–while stocking up on skill players who will prove to be more valuable than my opponents. It’s not new strategy, but just the one I feel most comfortable with using.

Something that makes this league unique–we have 2 QB each week and two defensive players. Should be a wild mix of scoring.

Cam Newton to make first start as a pro Friday Night in Miami

Things are looking better and better for those that want to see Cam Newton as the starter from day 1 in the regular season.

From Cat Scratch Reader:

QB arguments have become par for the course around here, but regardless of who you think is the better QB now, or who you think could be the better QB in the future it’s undeniable that the team has a different swagger with Cam under center. It’s this confidence and self-assuredness that Ron Rivera wants out of this team.

The original info came from a tweet from @CarolinaGrowl. But what Cat Scratch Reader said is correct. Cam is starting to pull away based on his boom potential.

What’s up with Jeremy Maclin

Quickly, the Jeremy Maclin story is becoming a pretty big offseason story.

I was a guy who enjoyed Maclin’s productivity last fall–as I rode him to a fantasy football championship. Heading into this fall, Maclin is very sick and the Eagles organization are not indicating when he’ll be back. He lost 15 pounds in the offseason and there are rumors floating everywhere that he has contracted HIV.

It’s no one’s business if that is the case, but it’s worth keeping an eye on. There are people speculating about this. That said, if it were nothing serious or just Mononucleosis like many people have said; you would think that he would have already came out with it.

My personal opinion is that Maclin has contracted HIV or something serious–HIV would certainly seem to fit the mold–and right now they’re talking to doctors and gathering information on if Maclin will be able to play in the NFL this season or again. If you read between the lines from the Eagles organization and Maclin’s brother Andre, they’re saying things like they expect him back this year. They’re being positive. They’re being optimistic that even with his condition he’s going to be allowed to play.

We would be very surprised if this wasn’t the nature of the situation, or something close to it.

We’ll be monitoring this odd situation in the ongoing weeks. And let’s hope that no one had Maclin in an NFL keeper league.

UPDATE: FOX Sports reports Maclin had a scare with Cancer, and has been given a clean bill of health.