It’s Sunday

It’s Sunday once again. I’ve got my coffee, my chew, and my jersey hanging ready in the closet.

Today’s slate has the Browns taking on the 49ers, one of the biggest games the Browns have played since 2007. They’re out in San Francisco and I won’t be able to get the game at my house so I’m heading to the sports bar.

The Panthers play the Vikings in Carolina. The Cowboys battle the Eagles tonight in prime time.

The Giants host the Dolphins to try to keep them in the Luck sweepstakes.

Here’s some 1993 video of the season finale at the Meadowlands. You know this one. The Emmitt Smith separated shoulder game. I am pretty sure my wife was at this game just 7 years old at the time.

I hope SportsVideosGalore1 on YouTube sticks around a while. There are a ton of great videos available from the 80’s and 90’s when I was growing up on his channel.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

Trent Dilfer/Colin Cowherd Transcript on Cam Newton

I did a full transcript of the radio interview Dilfer did with Colin Cowherd the other day, and just wanted to share it for those who don’t listen to ESPN Radio.

My favorite part: “He’s just a puppy!”

Let’s move onto Cam Newton. What do you see? You liked him the first workout, and I said on the air “Oh, man, Dilfer’s going crazy! He’s sees him in his shorts! Dilfer, settle down!” What do you see?

March, I’m out there in March I think it was for his pro media day thing. And, I watched all the film, I liked a lot of what I saw, but I wasn’t sure. I mean, you just weren’t sure on who the kid was, if he could really throw it, if it was a product of teams always playing him as a runner. Being around him from that day, and spending some time with him after, you knew there was something special. I couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was, but you knew you were around a special guy. It was obvious you were around a special athlete. As a thrower, what blew me away, and the reason I spoke so highly about what I saw, was. . .you just know when guys are born to throw a football, when it just pops off their hand.

Aaron Rodgers.

Yeah, we go, Steve Young and I, will go throw the ball on Monday nights, we’re on site, and we’ll throw it around with guys, and certain guys just can throw and certain guys can’t. Cam Newton was born to throw. I mean, the way the ball comes off his hand is remarkable. The other thing I saw that day, and I think this is really why I’m most excited about him: any coach will tell you, to be a great player, you’ve got to be coachable. Not just “hey, do what I say” but you’ve got to be able to change, have the ability to change the next snap. So, a coach points something out, a flaw that you have, you have to have the ability on the next snap to change it. We’re throwing that day, and Cam’s throwing the ball, and he misses a couple high, which has always been his miss, and Warren Moon and I kinda look at each other and talk a couple of things, and Warren Moon goes up to him and says “Cam, your left shoulder’s a little high,” tells him about his feet, takes about forty-five seconds out of his time. Cam never misses another ball high after it. Goes to the combine, starts missing high again, we talk over the phone, he says “Yeah, I got sloppy, I know it happens, I’m going to address it, I’m going to fix it.” Doesn’t miss high very often anymore. The ability to change, going back to fundamentals. He’s got a very sound fundamental platform, his mechanics are solid, allows him to change, and get better down-per-down basis.

(And he does so) quickly! Which is what Tebow, by the way, struggles with: bad mechanics. He’s just trying to figure out the basics.

Yes, so I think that my biggest thing for Cam Newton is: please don’t make the mistake, at home right now, or when you watch him, of trying to compare him to any player you’ve ever seen. Don’t just take out the old running quarterbacks and so “oh, Cam Newton’s like this guy.” No, he’s not. He’s better. He’s as good a runner as all the guys you’re thinking about, and he’s twice the thrower. And don’t say “OK, well, is he Dan Marino, or John Elway, or Aaron Rodgers?” No, he’s not. He doesn’t have to be. He’s a completely different person, but yet can throw. His best throws, are that of Marino, and Rodgers, and whatnot. I think he’s gonna redefine the position.

Holy moly!

Because, I don’t know if he’ll ever be as surgical as a Brees, a Brady, a Rodgers, but he’s never gonna have to be, because he’s so physical, this man is so big and so strong. And he’s just a puppy! He’s still a puppy with big ol’ paws, and he doesn’t know where to put them all the time. . .


When he becomes a show dog, and when he grows into this body, and he puts on another ten pounds of muscle, there’s no fear of being tackled in the pocket.

Oh, man, he’s got none.

None. Zero. So he can hold the ball a little bit longer, like Ben Roethlisberger. Now talk about making throws: there is not a throw, that’s ever been created, that he can’t make. Just yesterday, he made three or four throws that (were) of a Rodgers, a Brady, a Manning. Incredible, high level of difficulty, throws he makes with ease. Talk about is he smart enough? I’ve been with the kid, the kid loves football. He loves studying, and he loves being challenged. When George Whitfield in San Diego got him as a personal quarterback tutor, he didn’t understand that a 18 yard route took a seven step drop. I mean, that’s the remedial level he was at in quarterbacking. He’s now, just in what he’s advanced in, in the last eight months, is remarkable. He dives into the film room, he dives into the book, he is like these guys you talk about all the time that are so invested in getting great. When we text, he texts about “I want to be like Manning, I want like Brady, I want to be like Brees, I want to be like Rodgers.” He uses his physicality as a bailout, not his foundation.

Right. That was always the difference with Vince Young, just the opposite with him.

Exactly. This is a about intangibles! Right? Everyone wants to talk about the Tim Tebow magic. This dude has that too! He walks into a room, and people like, stand at attention. So, he’s gonna have some rough spots. It’s ridiculous to think he’s not. But his ceiling for success, as I said in March when I saw him in shorts, is the highest I’ve ever seen, because he’s gonna. . .there’s so many kids he’s gonna redefine the position for, there’s so many kids who are in seventh, eighth grade, that are the biggest, strongest, fastest kid in their Little League program, that now can go play quarterback, because Cam Newton’s made it all right now for that kid to go play quarterback. When they get developed right, they’re going to change the position.


A Transcendent Talent at Quarterback

Cam Newton is absolutely unbelievable. He is the most exciting football player I’ve seen in watching the game for a quarter century. It’s symbolic that on the first drive of the game on 3rd and Goal he decided to go Superman to try and get in the end zone. Cam didn’t get in, but it was a preview about the type of athleticism that he was going to display for four quarters. 
This game came down to the fact that the Redskins–while having a tough and stout defense–didn’t have a play-maker under center the caliber of Newton. 
I was watching the game on the computer yesterday to avoid having to go to the sports bar. Late in the game Newton seemed to arise out of a group of bodies to fire a rocket down field to Steve Smith for 36 yards in the third quarter. It was one of the most incredible throws I’ve seen and set up the nice 2 yard pass to Brandon LaFell for his only scoring toss of the day.

By all accounts, this was Cam Newton’s best game as a pro despite not having the biggest numbers that he’s ever put up. He did not turn the ball over (he’s now 2-0 when he’s done that) and went 18 of 23 for 256 yards, averaging 11.13 an attempt. He had 10 runs for 59 yards including the breath-taking run posted above, and another touchdown on the ground. He’s got 7 rushing touchdowns thus far and should shatter the record he now shares in a tie with Mike Vick.

After the game analyst Trent Dilfer said on ESPN something along the following lines: ‘There is no use trying to compare Cam Newton to other players because you won’t be able to do it. Cam Newton is going to absolutely change the way the game is played’.

That’s a pretty good way of describing it. I watch Cam Newton because I have never seen anything like it before. He is my favorite player in football right now and the greatest athlete I’ve ever see play the position.

I think Carolina has a shot at making a run at the 6th wildcard spot. I look for them to go on a tear and if they can build a defense, there isn’t a team in the NFL that will want to see them on the schedule. The playmaker they have at the most important position hast them in it every single week.

And that -2.5 that Vegas had on this game was an easy taking for me. Oddsmakers really should give the kid wearing #1 more respect. And Newton wearing that iconic #1 jersey has incorporated it into his end zone celebration–has anyone noticed that when he scores he shows off the number one proudly to the crowd? Check it out next time he scores, he’ll be giving you a look at least 3 or 4 times next week.