Cam Makes one Boy’s Christmas

“The Panthers drove down to the 8 yard line and that is when the something amazing happened. The ball was snapped and everything seemed to happen in slow motion from that point forward. Cam completed a pass to Jeremy Shockey to the left side. Shockey then broke two tackles and made his way into the endzone, scoring the final touchdown for the Panthers for the day. Stockey [sic] threw the ball down which ended up just past the end zone. I watched as Cam came in and celebrated the touchdown with Shockey. He then immediately turned to the side judge and I saw him mouth the words, “Where is the ball?”. The referee pointed to the ball and Cam ran to it and picked it up. I watched as Cam looked straight up at Parker, smiled, and ran straight to him. He then handed him the ball and Parker says he said “War Eagle” as he did so. The next few minutes were such a blur but I do remember Parker running straight to me and jumping in my arms screaming that he got the ball. All of the kids in the section came running to Parker wanting to see the ball and get their pictures made with him. There were even adults that came up and wanted to touch the ball. We were all overwhelmed with excitement.” [The Road Less Traveled] (also in the Charlotte Observer)

*Also Mike Florio gives Carolina and Cam Newton some credit.

Can’t get enough Cam

*Greg Cosell of NFL Films Blog talks Cam Newton. Guy studies film for a living, this is a well-written and good lead. And I’m pretty sure they did this post because I was bugging them to do something Cam Newton oriented on their Official Facebook Page.

*Cam was on Sound FX last night.

*The Panthers schedule for next season is basically set.

*The Panthers play the FOX National Game of the Week this coming Sunday against the Saints. I should liveblog it.

 *Must read Cam Newton material — ESPN the Magazine “NEXT”

Stafford snubbed from Pro Bowl

Last night the 2012 Pro Bowl Rosters were announced.

Matthew Stafford’s 4,518 yards and 36 TD’s weren’t enough to get him a call. Terry Foster says that Stafford just didn’t have the right last name to make the Pro Bowl, and I tend to agree. The fact that Eli Manning is going over Stafford is pretty blasphemous. I’m not watching the damn thing anyways.

Good chance that Cam Newton will end up being there with Aaron Rodgers probably playing in the Super Bowl the week after. But Stafford will have to try and make his case next season if he wants to get in.

Just the worst snub period. But it was one you could have seen coming. UPDATE: Deadspin tells us that ESPN SportsNation agrees.

The Mark Sanchez Mess is Ridiculous

If you were driving into work this morning and had ESPN radio on you probably heard Doug Gotlieb and Kordell Stewart discussing the Mark Sanchez ordeal.

Christmas morning we had this post at Pro Football Talk.

This all is just so insanely stupid. Sanchez is fine. PFT is ignorant for writing the article. The New York Media is stupid for creating this to begin with–it’s just an example of what sells papers in that town and an example of why no pro athlete should crave playing in that city. The Jets are silly if they don’t stand behind their guy and wait for him to develop. If they’re thinking about pulling the trigger on him early after a couple AFC title game appearances, than I hope they’re bad forever and stuck in purgatory.

I remember all of this happening with Eli Manning. It was eerily identical. And then the guy went out and won a Super Bowl. And everyone shut up. And now those Giant fans who thought the guy was horrible and should have been run out of town are in hiding and Eli was vindicated forever.

So tired of the QB blame game in the NFL. Sanchez is fine. Leave him alone, build a team around him, and have some stability at the position for God’s sakes. The Jets as an organization are showing that they’re unstable from the top down and haven’t handled this like the Giants were able to with Eli in 2007 (anyone remember that game when he barely beat Rex Grossman in Chicago?).