Grading the Colts 2012 Draft

1(1) QB Andrew Luck A+
We just lost a franchise QB and have another one to step right in. I can count more fingers on one hand than the number of QBs that have come out of college this highly rated.

2(34) TE Coby Fleener B+
Great size and can get to the second level that many TEs have troubles doing. There were 2 or 3 better players available, but the chemistry Fleener and Luck have adds value to this pick.

3(64) TE Dwayne Allen A-
A freak of nature type of athlete. Some of the best hands in the draft. Explosive, workout warrior and play-maker describe this guy perfectly. Unbelievable he fell this far.

3(92) WR T.Y Hilton B
Another play-maker for the Colts. This guy instantly gives us a respectable return game, and is the best receiver of the so-called PR/KR specialists in the draft.

5(136) DT Josh Chapman B
This guy knows how to use leverage like you want to see in a NT. A blown knee dropped him this far, but he was an anchor in the Crimson Tides run defense. Alabama defenders tend not to disappoint.

5(170) RB Vic Ballard C+
Did Donald Brown think the job would just be given to him. The Colts believe Vic has a chance to push for carries and I hope so or this is a wasted pick.

6(206) WR Lavon Brazill B-
Avery, Hilton, now Brazill. The Colts are really stocking up on speed receivers who can stretch the field. Odds are at least one of these guys will make an impact.

7(208) OT Justin Anderson A
Anytime you can get a tackle with the size and speed to play at the next level in the 7th round you take it. If he can learn the position well he adds great depth to an improving O-Line.

7(214) DE Tim Fugger B+
A big hitter, who can track down the ball carrier and weave through traffic. Can be a great special teams guy for us and has the body to be a multi-positional defender. Expect him to be a LB.

7(253) QB Chandler Harnish D
Safety policy for Stanton if Luck goes down. Very mobile QB who can make plays with his feet. Something you might want out of a 7th round QB with a questionable arm.

Overall – A-/B+
Overall, one of the best drafts by any team. Defense was almost completely ignored, but that could just be to who was available when we were picking. We have so many needs on both sides of the ball it didn’t really matter what we were picking as long as we think they can contribute. We’ve given Luck something to work with on offense which will be important to his development. Guys like Brazill, Harnish and Ballard, make no sense in relation to what we have and what we need so I have to chalk that up to our front office seeing/knowing something we don’t.

Andrew Luck enters Indianapolis as #1 Overall Pick in NFL Draft


Great first night of the draft that saw Andrew Luck finally selected as the number one overall draft pick at Radio City Music Hall in New York City at 8:03 PM last night. With that, a new NFL calendar year began and the Indianapolis Colts kicked off an exciting new era.

I have to say, I’m excited about this next era of Colts football. It’s infectious to have Luck, a coach like Chuck Pagano (who spoke glowingly about the Luck selection) and a GM like Ryan Grigson. Of course there’s Jim Irsay and the wonderful city of Indianapolis to always fall back on.

It’s an exciting time to be an Indianapolis Colts fan.

Andrew Luck is more than once in a decade. It’s once in a lifetime.

I remember that December 22 night last year when Reggie Wayne, Dan Orlovsky and the rest of the Colts almost let the fate of Andrew Luck slip away. When they almost won their way out of the sweepstakes and a night like this could have never happened. But it was meant to be.

Now Luck joins Irsay, Pagano, Grigson, Wayne, and Indianapolis in the crusade to restore the horseshoe to greatness again. The journey continues tomorrow as Luck will get some new band members.

This is going to be one of the most remarkable eras in my life following the game of football.