Andrew Luck is Bernie Kosar

I spent some time passing out on my couch tonight watching “The Drive” on NFL Network.

For all of the comparisons that Andrew Luck draws to John Elway, it was another quarterback in that game who he actually reminds me of. Andrew Luck is actually a more refined Bernie Kosar with better mobility and arm strength.

Look at some of the trajectories on Kosar’s passes when they were well thrown. His ball after the point of delivery is almost exactly like Andrew Luck’s. Never mistaken for a cannon of a passing arm, it was a very catchable, well-thrown and perfectly delivered football a lot of the time.

I just had to make note of this; as it seems there is no one player who you really compare Andrew Luck to. I think he’s going to end up very similar to Kosar in terms of measurables on the field.

Now, two things to take in consideration. Kosar played in one of the worst climates outdoors in the league. Luck will play in a dome. And I don’t think Chuck Pagano will kill Luck with any prevent defenses late.

Things could have wound up differently for Bernie Kosar and the 80’s Cleveland Browns. They had an opportunity to escape their ultimate and permanent place in history. Instead, their fate is to represent that of a team who forever is who you fall asleep late-night on your couch just before their untimely doom hits. With Elway going 98 yards or a fumble slipping away just feet from the Super Bowl. Those 80’s Cleveland Browns are always just sandwiched in between the 1993 Oilers and 1982 Landry Cowboys late at night, with both fates sealed for eternity.

Irsay, Pagano talk about Luck like proud papas

The Indianapolis Colts opened up their rookie mini-camp today. From the sounds of things, the Colts are still in the honeymoon phase with their new quarterback (as one would hope).

Jim Irsay makes sure to include references to ‘#12’ in as many tweets as possible, like this one below:

You absolutely have to love it.

Also, head coach Chuck Pagano called Luck “unflappable” and “a natural leader” in attending his first mini-camp.

It’s going to be fun to watch as this one unfolds. The Colts have got a good one in town, and I personally think the kid who replaced Peyton Manning is about to embark upon something very special in Indianapolis. We’ll keep a close watch on Irsay’s tweets as the love continues to grow.


Goodbye, Junior Seau


The greatest Samoan of them all is gone.

It’s hard for me to believe that Junior Seau killed himself. That he’s really gone.

It was probably around 1993 or 1994. I was just a 12-year old awkward kid. I just began to like defensive players. I liked Seth Joyner. But I really liked that 55 on the Chargers. There was just something different about him. When he was on the television set, he made things happen. All of those late Sunday games on CBS against the Broncos.

I’ll never forget my uncle and I talking about how awesome he was. My uncle said that ‘when he hits you, you ‘Say-Ow’. He was a special kind of talent that spanned across two decades.

This is the side of sports that just doesn’t make sense. It’s hard to digest.

Junior Seau, gone too soon. Thanks for the memories and I hope you’ve found peace.