Jimmy Clausen doesn’t want #2, Neither Does Cam Newton

Cam Newton recently had the opportunity to become #2 in the Carolina Panthers media guide, taking back the once-coveted numeral he wore at Auburn University (and Blinn College before that). Ace Boogie wasn’t interested anymore.

The jersey number of much debate last off-season became available when Clausen switched to the number 7. That number was recently made available when the Panthers released their punter Jason Baker.

I’m glad Newton is staying with the number 1. That’s who he is now. That’s where he set the records on the highest level.

I really can’t wait until we start playing some football and stop discussing jersey numbers.

Farewell, Ladainian Tomlinson

Everyone takes with them a different memory of the legendary Ladainian Tomlinson.

For me, it was that October 2003 afternoon in Cleveland when he invited himself into my living room and effectively destroyed Tim Couch’s Browns career for good. He ran for 200 yards on the nose that day on 26 carries, including a 70-yard run in the 3rd quarter that really made things spoken for.

He was only 24 years old then, and he was just getting started. The exclamation point on his career was undoubtedbly his 2006 season when he ran for 28 touchdowns and 1,815 yards. I remember how destroyed he appeared to be on television when Tom Brady went into Qualcomm that postseason and stole one from the heavily favored Chargers.

It’s hard to believe a player this incredible never won a title. It’s almost sad. In retirement, the other LT sounds content. He was a class act, and it was a pleasure to watch him on NFL Sundays the past decade plus.

Jason La Canfora gushes over Cam Newton

This is really nice to see. I cannot wait for the 2012 season, it’s going to be the most epic of my lifetime.

He will be a once-in-a-generation figure. He will change the way we think about what’s possible from the quarterback position. Newton should be celebrated for what I promise you he’ll become: a football savior. He will transcend this sport, and Carolina will learn from its youthful mistakes from 2011, when they easily could have won nine games or more. They gave away some games as kids then; that won’t be the case much longer.


I am rolling with the Panthers as a 10-win type team and an outfit very much capable of derailing the playoff power structure.

He also calls Cam a ‘football god’, which is true. Barring injury, Newton will provide some of the most enjoyable Sunday’s in any living football fan’s lifetime. We are talking unforgettable moments and drama.

Madden 13 Unveils Connected Careers

Man I really want to believe in Madden 13 and their new features of real-time physics and ‘connected careers’. I want to know that this new RPG-style gaming is going to be the best sports game I’ve ever played in my life, bringing me back for more until my eyes nearly bleed from lack of sleep and I’m heading in late to work. It’s the NFL, it’s got the chance to do that if it’s decent (MLB the Show ’12) currently.

But this isn’t my first rodeo with EA Sports duping me. It seems as though it’s a yearly letdown that I’ve come to accept.

I really hope I’m wrong, but I have a feeling I’ll return in the fall saying something like ‘it’s really a cool idea, but game-play fell short’.

If Madden fixed the game-play; and real-time physics will if they work like they should, and they fix the skill-level of All-Pro too easy, All-Madden too hard; then we’ll really have something.

But I’m telling you, there’s no way this mirage they’re selling you on plays correctly out of the box. There’s just no way. I don’t care what that little needle-dick Josh Looman says.