It’s Sunday


It’s Sunday, and it happens to be the biggest game of Cam Newton’s pro career.

All of the sudden, the league has him figured out; and he was a bad teammate; and he is a me-first player, and the list of media vulture and cheap shots go on and on.

He’s facing a seemingly unstoppable Falcons team. But…… “Whatcha Gunna do brudda, WHEN SUPER CAM, RUNS WILD ON YOUUUUUU?”



Happy Sunday all.

Geno Smith has a landmark day

West Virginia Mountaineers football was back on the national map today.

The 9th ranked Mountaineers beat 25th ranked Baylor 70-63 in Morgantown. But the bigger story was that dude who plays Quarterback for WVU.

Geno Smith (whom some are calling a 3rd round pick, and I’m saying will be 3rd overall or higher) went 45/51 for 656 yards, 8 touchdowns and no interceptions.

This dude is going to be right for the Heisman and the ire of whatever team is drafting first overall next April. I cannot wait until he’s playing on Sundays and going up against a guy who he reminds me a lot of: Cameron Newton.

Smith now has 20 TD’s and no interceptions on the season and is completing an RG III-like 80% of his passes.

Dark Days happen to Everyone in the NFL

What could be worse than having your team beat down 36-7 on National TV by your wife’s team?

I would say a report by ESPN’s Chris Mortensen that the Carolina Panthers are “privately concerned” with their franchise QB’s mental make-up.

Next Sunday at 1:00 PM ET in Atlanta against the undefeated and seemingly unstoppable Falcons is going to be the biggest game of Cam Newton’s career. And it’s going to be a long week.

RIP Steve Sabol

NFL Films president Steve Sabol passed away earlier in the week.

This was sad. I had always hoped to travel to NFL Films headquarters in New Jersey and shake this man’s hand someday. I would have liked to have told him about all of the wonderful memories he’s helped capture and create for all of us.

From the sick days on my grandmothers couch in elementary school, to the hours leading up to practice in college, to perusing the channel guide late at night currently after my wife has fallen asleep. Steve Sabol’s work is responsible for all of that.

Steve Sabol, gone too soon. NFL Films will always serve as a pillar that tied so many events in football to holidays, family gatherings, and good times with friends. With each player and game is a memory tied to the fabric of our lives. Sabol understood that.

My Team vs. My Wife’s Team

Great commercial. Lots of links to come tonight and tomorrow in leading up to this match-up tomorrow night.

Panthers are +1.5 for this game. I have no idea which way I’m going with the pick. Bill Simmons likes the Panthers, though he didn’t say much else about them. Just that they’re fun to watch.

Panthers Bully the Bullies

[Panthers 35, Saints 27]

Cam Newton Press Conference | Scott Fowler – Charlotte Observer | ESPN NFL Nation | Peter King’s MMQB


-The coolest play you ever will see. The fake swing pass end-around to LaFell. Are these guys fun or what? I’m told this was a play Auburn ran last season. Rob Chudzinski takes everyone else’s great plays and steals them and makes them his own.

-These teams definitely hate each other. This was apparent when Cam Newton’s helmet was ripped off in a pile near the goal line. It seemed as if New Orleans was trying to hurt him. When Newton got back up, put his skull cap on, and emerged with his helmet, it seemed to really tick him off. He looked at the crowd and shook his head as if to say ‘can’t hurt me’.

-Lots of huge hits delivered from the Panthers to the Saints, and a few from the Saints to the Panthers.

-The pressure from the Panthers front four, along with a few other exotic blitzes; was something to marvel at. I saw Frank Alexander get his hands on another pass.

-The Saints just seem unlike themselves. When they went to Jimmy Graham, it worked. But they didn’t do it enough. They didn’t get Colston involved until very late in the game. They just seem out of synch without their head coach. They aren’t the mighty Saints. They’re the Saints on the way down. They just don’t seem dangerous. Mark Ingram might not work out until next season. He just doesn’t get much work

The Newton Section

He had 18 aimed passes (this does not count spikes and throw aways)and completed 14 of them with one being dropped, he went 14-17 on aimed passes not dropped and 18 yards per completion. He was 4-4 on passes of passes traveling 20 or more yards in the air. He also had a rating of 149.6 against the blitz(they blitzed 10 times).

Newton just wasn’t going to let his team fail. He ran for a franchise record 71 yards. It’s easy to dismiss those stats because most quarterbacks who throw the ball like he does just don’t put up a rushing total worth talking about. Newton had the game that an effective running back has in addition to what he did tossing the rock. He didn’t throw an interception. He attacked down the field. The guy simply powered his team to victory. And yes, he Super-Man’d their asses as an exclamation point after calling his own number around the goal-line.

I feel like the Panthers have the most exciting player in the NFL today and in league history under center right now. It’s an honor to get to watch this guy every week. I hear Panthers fans say it over and over, but Newton is really huge as far as getting the crowd going.

Five Plays for the Memory Bank:

1st Quarter, Panthers trailing 7-0

2-8-NO 9 (5:41) D.Brees pass short right intended for D.Thomas INTERCEPTED by C.Godfrey at NO 9. C.Godfrey for 9 yards, TOUCHDOWN. Carolina Panthers at 5:33

1st Quarter, Panthers tied 7-7

1-10-CAR 20 (1:20) (Shotgun) C.Newton right end to NO 40 for 40 yards (R.Harper).

2nd Quarter, Panthers trailing 13-7

3-15-CAR 33 (5:24) (Shotgun) C.Newton pass deep left to S.Smith to NO 32 for 35 yards (P.Robinson).

Fourth Quarter, Panthers leading 28-20

1-10-CAR 20 (12:53) (Shotgun) C.Newton pass deep right to S.Smith to NO 14 for 66 yards (C.White).

Fourth Quarter, Panthers leading 35-27

2-1-NO 29 (:31) D.Brees pass short middle intended for J.Graham INTERCEPTED by J.Beason at NO 43. J.Beason to NO 41 for 2 yards.