Colts have a Monster on their hands in Jerrell Freeman

In his first NFL game, Jerrell Freeman brought back a Jay Cutler pass for a touchdown.

He leads the Colts as an undrafted rookie with 43 solo tackles, 26 assisted, and 69 overall. Yesterday in Tennessee he had 14 total. This guy is clearly a monster that was a gem find–hopefully the first of many by GM Ryan Grigson.

He’s went from a Division III collegiate beginning to no. 7 on the depth chart to making plays in the NFL. The guy is someone you want to root for an follow forever. He has London Fletcher written all over him–and of more recent memory–Gary Brackett.

A Cinderella player on a Cinderella team that will be fun to follow as the season goes onward.

It’s Sunday

It’s Sunday.

The morning after the Fighting Irish defeated the Sooners in Oklahoma. It feels like our first winter Sunday of the year. It’s windy, it’s cold, and it’s football weather.

The Panthers are in Chicago for what most are predicting to be a blood bath. I think (hope) this team will play hard for their dearly departed GM, Marty Hurney. Guys in the Carolina locker room were legitimately upset about it.

Elsewhere around the league, you’ve got the Colts in Tennessee to try and fully enter the playoff hunt. The Redskins are in Pittsburgh for what will be a great ballgame. The Giants are in Dallas late in the afternoon on my wife’s birthday, and I’m sure they will get her the win.

Hurricane Sandy is going to be a factor.

Marcus Lattimore is No More

Marcus Lattimore just destroyed his opposite knee of the one he destroyed two years ago.

Have to feel for such a talent who worked so hard to get back into top form. To me, this guy was the second coming of Adrian Peterson and will now go down as ‘The Greatest Who Never Was Part Duex”.

At least one of my teams won today

It wasn’t the prettiest win ever, but a win in the NFL is exactly why you do everything you do each week. Andrew Luck ran for two scores and helped the Colts roll to a 17-13 win in Indianapolis over the Browns today.

At the moment, it would seem that things are going according to plan for the Colts. The Colts are 3-3 on the season, and right on schedule. If you’re a young team in the NFL and you can mix in some boring wins–in winning the ones that you ‘should’–you’re doing something right in the NFL.

There was more predictable heartbreak in Carolina, with the Panthers losing in a familiar fashion 19-14 to the Cowboys. My Uncle was right. The Panthers are the NFL’s most disappointing team. They are snakebitten in every shape and form. The Panthers just seem to always find a way to lose.

The game of the day in my opinion (and I was sleeping during the Jets-Patriots tilt that got good and went into overtime) was the game that was supposed to be the primetime showdown today. The Redskins took the lead late on a beautiful RGIII pass to Santana Moss at the Meadowlands. Seconds later, Eli Manning and Victor Cruz hooked up for what was the winning score. Final: 27-23 Giants, in what was a classic that has you feeling it was just the opening salvo between Griffin and the Gigantes.

While I caught some of the Redskins-Giants tilt, I thought to myself that it was the type of game between two teams that would really have caught old John Madden’s interests.

Do not be surprised if the Redskins give the Pittsburgh Steelers all they can handle next weekend in the wake of this one.

Time to look to the work week ahead, making it through another week to another Sunday, and hopefully a nice Monday Night Football tilt tomorrow evening between the Lions and the Bears.

It’s Sunday

Just one damn Sunday, I want the Panthers and Cam Newton to give me a little fun. Just one Sunday, make things like they used to be when I was a kid and the game was in it’s golden era and not this corporate shell of the NFL that I grew up loving. Just one Sunday. One time. Win a game you have no business winning. Please. Find a way like the 2001 or 2002 Browns used to.

/off my soapbox

Other big highlights of the day would be the Giants hosting the Redskins and Bob Griffin III in Jersey. The Browns travel to Indianapolis to battle the Colts.

Now off to eat some of my wife’s pumpkin pancakes.