Fireman Ed R.I.P.

This post at Deadspin by Drew Magary had me chucking at work today. It’s about Fireman Ed–perhaps the most famous Jets fan in America–‘retiring’.

Hell, even Peter King ripped the guy in MMQB:

I think, for all of you Fireman Ed fans, put some black crepe paper over the this column today. Ed Anzalone, the longtime Jets mascot who does the J-E-T-S chant in the stands, writes in the free paper Metro that, “I decided to leave [the Jets-Pats game before halftime] Thursday because the confrontations with other Jets fans have become more common, even though most Jets fans are fantastic. This is an indication of how society has lost and is continuing to lose respect for one another … I will attend games as usual, just not as Fireman Ed.” Well, I sure am glad we got that straight.
Suck it, Ed.

Colts Handle Business-like Sunday vs. Bills 20-13

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Andrew Luck and the Colts passed another Sunday test. Now they’re 7-4, sitting with a padded lead atop the AFC Wildcard standings.

Luck went 20 of 37, 240 yards, one touchdown and one interception. The Colts defense held Buffalo to only 13 points on the day, and it was a tough day for Buffalo QB Ryan Fitzpatrick.

T.Y. Hilton had a really big game, opening up scoring with a 75-yard punt return for a touchdown and catching another 8-yard pass for a score from Luck late in the game to stretch the lead to 20-6 Colts.

C.J. Spiller ran for 106 yards on just 14 carries in a losing effort for the Bills. Robert Mathis and Jerrell Freeman added sacks for the Colts.

Thanksgiving Game Predictions

From New Jersey, I present you with your Thanksgiving games pick post and more.

Houston Texans (-3) at Detroit Lions

Before I give reason for my pick, let’s check in with a blog we love visiting a lot this time of year to get a perspective on the Detroit Lions, The Lions in Winter.

There’s something magical about the Lions on Thanksgiving, doubly so when you’re there in person. Through thick and thin, and there’s been an awful lot of very thin, this game sells out. It’s an annual national celebration of blessings, and no matter how bleak things have been on- and off-field for the Lions, their fans turn out in force to spend all day reveling in the immutable fact that we are still here.

The Pilgrims themselves gathered ‘round with some corn and some eel and some venison and a few pints of homebrew and toasted their incredible luck at just being able to do so. It’s the same with the Lions and their fans: spit on the team, on the City of Detroit, the State of Michigan, on our way of life all you want. Dismiss us, deny us, wish us all to lose our jobs, whatever.

We are still here.

It goes on to be a tremendous post. The Lions are hanging by a thread. As much as I enjoyed them last year their season is on the brink, and the magic seems to be lost in 2012. They simply have not fared well on Thanksgiving Day for a very long time. I look for them to be competitive early but the Texans are going to show the world tomorrow why they’re the toast of the AFC right now, effectively ending any hopes the Lions have at snagging a Wildcard Playoff spot. It’s been a slow and painful death for the Lions this year, and Wayne Fontes isn’t around with his nine lives to stave off death right now.

I look for the Texans to get the win while you’re opening up your day with the first big servings tomorrow.

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys (-3)

Robert Griffin III has been awarded with NFC Offensive Player of the Week hardware for last week’s flawless performance. This is his first national television appearance. I think the opposite of what many are expecting; I expect a modest performance from the young start on Thanksgiving, but I think this is easily the game of the day. It’s basically a playoff game for both teams. The winner is still very much in things with momentum on their side and an eye on the Giants Sunday night contest with Green Bay. The loser probably knows this isn’t their year.

Dallas gets a late touchdown to win by four or five, and walks away with the win around the time I’m so full that I can feel it in my ribs.

New England Patriots at New York Jets (+7)

I think the pesky Jets–who surprised me last week with a win over the Rams–find a way to be competitive in this one. Rex Ryan teams seem to play the Patriots tough in nearly every match-up. While I think the Patriots win this game, I think the Jets get a backdoor cover late in the game and get you a push at worst or find a way to make it a close loss. It’s unbelievable the depths of which Mark Sanchez has fallen to.