It’s Sunday


It’s the final regular season Sunday of the year. I can’t believe football season has came and gone.

Today there’s a nice slate of games. Cam Newton and the Panthers wrap up their season in New Orleans for the second straight season. The Bengals host the Ravens in Cincinnati in a game that has no implications other than pride and the Bengals trying to get hot. The Colts host the Texans in Chuck Pagano’s return to football.

Tonight, the crown jewel play-in game of the NFL season. A throwback to all of our youth. The Cowboys and the Redskins on Sunday Night Football.

Osi Umenyiora’s Last Sunday as a Giant?

I’ve been with my wife since the beginning of the 2004 NFL season. Back then, Osi Umenyiora was about 22 years old and in his second year in the league as a New York Giant. Over that span there aren’t too many Giants left from the year we started dating. In fact, it’s just him and Eli.

It’s been nine seasons and there’s been 75 sacks and two Super Bowl rings, and tomorrow most likely marks the end of an era for Osi as a Giant.

It’s pretty throwback for a guy to start his career with one team and play nine years. Osi, salute.

Two Quick Cam Comments


As we close in on the last Panthers & Cam Newton game of the season this year tomorrow afternoon; I read two pretty interesting comments about Cam Newton’s personal life on a Panthers board I frequent yesterday. Here they are:

So I’ve worked a lot of bar/restaurant jobs in Atlanta through an entertainment company I used to work for, and I’ve met a poo ton of people in the bar/club industry. I’ve heard a lot of stories.

I know people that saw Ray Lewis kill that guy. I know Eugene Robinson was trying to pick up a tranny the night he grabbed a UC. I know the zifty guy that delivers Matt Ryan all his meals from the restaurant on the bottom floor of his luxury condo complex. I’m basically the guy from this Steely Dan song.

Cam Newton does not drink, at least not in public. He never stays anywhere past one. He’s been dating the same girl for years. He’s goofy as hell and is really only comfortable on a football field. He’s smart, well spoken, and tips well.

Interesting bit about Ray Lewis in that last one, and Eugene Robinson. Here’s the second comment.

I am friends with a former Patriots Defense player.  He also played for another NFC team as well.  Anyway, he is good friends with many current NFL players.

Last week we were discussing Cam and the media, etc…  He told me that he got to meet Cam last year at Cams New Years Eve Party.  Said he was very nice, personable, and a generous host.  He said cam was rocking a serious sweater and that he did not drink any alcohol.  Said that he there was all the best food you could imagine, said that on the bar was 100’s of shots of every top shelf liquor.  The party wasn’t big, maybe 50 or so people. …that’s all I remember from our conversation.  He did say he got invited to come back to Cams party this year, but he can’t go.

I think Cam Newton is a class act. The mystique surrounding his character–and his not letting us see much of the real him only adds to the fun of being a fan of him.