Divisional Playoff Sunday


I have trouble thinking back to the most memorable divisional round ever. There have been some memorable ones in my lifetime though. Brunnell over Elway at Mile High was a good one. What happened yesterday certainly reminded me a lot of when Elway and the Broncos lost to Brunnell and the Jaguars in 1997 by a score of 30-27.

Yesterday as a whole, was a great day to be an NFL fan. Two exciting games, huge plays, tons of yards, Colin Kaepernick is setting records.

The early game was cold in Denver, the last round up for Peyton Manning and Ray Lewis. It ended up being an all time game and I knew very early on that it was going to be something special (I’ll save you all from reading a text I sent to my wife when it started out 14-7.

Today’s 1:00 PM game is the gem of the weekend at least to me, because I’ve now latched on with the Seahawks. I like the Falcons to win by about 10 points. I don’t think it will finish close.

I think the late game is the least entertaining game of the weekend. The Texans do nothing for me and I expect Brady and Belichick to roll to another playoff win. Now that said, I thought the Broncos would roll yesterday too.

Thursday Tidbits

Just two more days until we get some football. It’s going to be a great weekend.

-Nice post over at Legion Report on Richard Sherman being mic’d up in the playoff game. The Deadspin link we used yesterday didn’t seem to work well.

-Colin Cowherd talks with Warren Moon about Russell Wilson (2:58 mark-ish) and about the Falcons upcoming playoff game with the Seahawks.

Also, Cowherd had what I think is his best segment of each week today. I love when he has Greg Cosell on the show. (2:20 mark talks about Russell Wilson)

-The Cleveland Browns fail once again. Rob Chudzinski, new head coach. He did such an awful job in Carolina last year. They just continue to make moves that make you scratch your head. Just awful.

Thursday Jambaroo over at Deadspin. Only a few more of these left until next season.

-Mcfarlane Toys announces the lineup for NFL 32. Andy Dalton makes the cut!

Wednesday Tidbits

I can’t wait for this weekend to see how the drama unfolds. Saturday night’s game will be a great one, and Sunday’s 1:00 PM game is the weekend’s masterpiece. Saturday afternoon Peyton vs. Ray Lewis makes for high drama, because it’s that way any time a Manning is in a playoff game.

  • Listen to Dilfer and my boy Colin Cowherd (7:00 mark), Trent Dilfer picks Atlanta over Seattle for the reason of Seattle traveling cross country.
  • Deadspin had an interesting link on why Richard Sherman got punked Sunday Night by Trent Williams.
  • Colin Cowherd on The Herd talks with Lomas Brown (2:30 mark) about Russell Wilson.

Russell Wilson & the ‘Hawks win at FedEx to wrap up Wildcard Weekend


Russell Wilson had a very Russell Wilson-like ballgame (15/26, 187 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT, 67 yards rushing). I’m watching his presser now, very well spoken kid. With all of my playoff horses gone, I’m latching onto these Seahawks. They did about what I thought they would do in winning 24-14 today in Washington.

They’ve got a lot of things to like. Sledgehammer defense, and those 6’3 corners remind me of the Russians in the old Miracle hockey movie. They turn a lot of opposing teams into the underdogs.

I feel badly for RG3. Like, really badly. But it’s time to look towards next week. Go ‘Hawks.

NFL Wildcard Sunday 2013


Today *might* just be the “last ride” for Ray Lewis as he and the Ravens take on the Colts in Baltimore. If I can get just one game this weekend, I want the Colts to advance. If it is the final Sunday for Ray Lewis, Deadspin gave him a fitting tribute earlier in the week.

The other game I went back and forth with all weekend on who I want to win. I’ve decided I want the Redskins to advance, because I want to watch RGIII. If Russell Wilson and the Seahawks win, they’ll be my NFC horse. Basically the winner of that game becomes my new NFC horse.

My predictions for today:

Ravens 30 Colts 24

Seahawks 21 Redskins 13

41-14 Back in ’90

Boomer Esiason Bengals

It was Sunday January 6th, 1991. I was all of eight years old. We were over at my Uncle Frank’s apartment in Hilliard, Ohio. Because my grandma and mom loved the Bengals and I looked like Boomer Esiason (I had one of his early Kenner Starting Lineup Figures), I decided I was going to be a Bengals fan that day. And it was one of my first memories of football.

The Bengals thrashed Houston around that day, badly. It was 22 years ago tomorrow that the Bengals beat the Houston Oilers by a score of 41-14. And that would be their final playoff win until present day. My grandmother was as big of a Bengals fan as we had in our family. She would live another fourteen years and not see another Bengals postseason win. But today, I’m here to complete the circle. The Bengals are going to win today. The drought ends today. It’s sort of like a mini-Super Bowl for the Bengals, winning a damn postseason game.

The following week after that drubbing of the Oilers in old Riverfront Stadium, the Bengals would lose to the Raiders in Bo Jackson’s final football game. The Buffalo Bills were just starting their run. The day before Bo Jackson blew out his hip I would watch Joe Montana rip up the Redskins on Saturday evening.

Today is the day things come full circle.

Panthers 44, Saints 38 in 2012 Season Finale



The New Orleans Saints knocked Cam Newton down and knocked him around–but they couldn’t knock him out.

In a game that was physical and reflecting of last year’s Panthers/Saints season finale in New Orleans, the results flipped. Cam Newton went 16 of 33 for 248 yards and an interception. He didn’t throw a touchdown or get in the end zone. Yet Newton set a career high for victories in a season, bettering 2011 by one win.

Mike Tolbert ran for three touchdowns, while DeAngelo Williams ran for 210 yards and two touchdowns.