Some old cards found today at Mom’s house

clint cards

I went to church this morning and after I had lunch with my mom. She has been bugging me to clean out the basement that I used to live in and with it all of my collectibles.

I spent some time this afternoon going through my old stacks of football cards. Here were a few memories that captured a snapshot of my childhood. Including one of my first NFL starting lineup cards, Boomer Esiason. Look at Chico Rivera there. I have had that card for almost 20 years, and all that time ago when I originally got my hands on it I never knew that would be the guy calling the shots when Cam Newton was at the helm of an NFL team.

Then of course you’ve got one of my childhood favorites from the old Browns, Eric Metcalf. Montana. Ronnie Lott. Doug Williams. A Junior Seau rookie.

It was pretty bittersweet going through all those old cards, realizing how much time has gone by and how many guys were deceased in the pile after pile I went through. More to come.

Super Bowl XLVII



[ESPN NFL Nation]

This is one of the best Super Bowls I will ever remember. I was sick as a dog with the flu during it and all week following it. I lost $400 on this game (took home $200 from a pick em league instead of $600, the other guy had the Ravens and I had to ride or die with the Niners).

But the lasting memory I’ll take from this game is what a dominating player Colin Kaepernick can be in this league. He is truly a superstar in the making. Terrell Suggs agrees.

The 49ers will enter 2013 a Super Bowl favorite.

I’m spending a lot of today watching America’s Game on NFL Network. I already miss football.

Super Bowl XLVII Caps a Memorable NFL Season


Today is the final game. Super Bowl XLVII with the Baltimore Ravens taking on the San Francisco 49ers in Ray Lewis’ true last ride. The last time these two teams were in the big game, I was still living with my parents.

I’ve got a few organic pizza’s on their way, pimento dip, beer and cheddar potato chips, and shrimp! It’s a sad day that cultivates in a celebration of the NFL season. I can’t make it until September with no football.

The 49ers got here with an amazing win in Atlanta. The Ravens got here via Ray Lewis’ ‘last ride’ comment and fought through all odds.

So many memories of this 2012 NFL season. I’ll be back later to recap the Super Bowl. I hope Colin Kaepernick goes off and the 49ers get the win.

Carolina Panthers Uniform Talk


Another season has reached it’s ending. It’s Super Bowl weekend. And a recent article on went into detail about the Panthers uniforms, basically echoing what we were already told about the team’s uniform combinations.

I also thought that was just a really cool picture of Cam Newton, so I had to get it on my site. That was the Sunday after my birthday when the Panthers got trounced by the Broncos.