RIP Pat Summerall – The Greatest Who Ever Lived

Pat Summerall and John Madden

It’s baseball season, and it would take something huge to get me writing about anything other than baseball right now.

And today Pat Summerall died at age 82. And to me that was more than huge.

Pat Summerall welcomed himself into my life when my parents were still together and Sundays were all about family and football. Before I discovered John Madden’s quiet and unassuming sidekick, it was all about what Madden would draw next or circle on the telestrator. Quickly, the broadcast every Sunday was made more comfortable with Summerall playing the Robin to Madden’s crazy Batman act.

Sundays went by, and just as I entered adolescence Summerall’s time in our living room each week came to an end in 1994. It was as if we never really came to appreciate him until he was gone, like most great things.

We still had Madden, but the magic was never truly recaptured. Soon it was gone altogether.

Thanks for so many memories, Pat. I’m sure you’re up there in Heaven talking shop with Vince Lombardi as we write this.