Aaron Hernandez sounds like he murdered Odin Lloyd

Aaron Hernandez was arrested today and charged with murder (and also subsequently released by the New England Patriots). For all of you out there pleading for due-process and ‘innocent until proven guilty’, does this sound like a guy who is innocent to you?

The prosecutor also explained that there was no evidence of a robbery, and that Lloyd’s phone showed communications with Hernandez in the hours preceding his death.  Lloyd’s sister told authorities that Lloyd left his home that morning at 2:30 a.m. in a car believed to belong to Hernandez.

The prosecutor told the court that roughly six to eight hours of footage were missing from Hernandez’s surveillance system after the murder.  The prosecutor likewise outlined a series of text messages indicating a desire by Hernandez to meet with Lloyd, along with instructions that one or more others urging them to return to the area, presumably for the meeting with Lloyd.

Text messages and public surveillance cameras, per the prosecutor, indicate that Hernandez picked up Lloyd at 2:30 a.m. ET and drove back to North Attleboro.  The prosecutor claims that Hernandez then told Lloyd he was upset that Lloyd had said certain things to others, making it hard for Hernandez to trust him.

Likewise, the prosecutor explained that Lloyd sent text messages while in the car with Hernandez, making others aware that he was with Hernandez.

The prosecutor said that workers at the industrial park heard gunshots, and that surveillance cameras allow prosecutors to piece together that the car Hernandez was driving was at the industrial park, and within minutes thereafter at Hernandez’s home.

The prosecutor said that Hernandez’s surveillance system shows a person getting out of the car with a gun after the shooting, and walking through the house with the gun.  Shortly after that, the surveillance system shuts down.

Perhaps most importantly, the prosecutor said a shell casing was found in the car rented by Hernandez.  It matches the shell casings found at the scene of the shooting, according to the prosecutor.

The prosecutor called it an “execution,” and he characterized Hernandez as the person who orchestrated the crime, had the motive and means to kill Lloyd, and engaged in efforts to cover up the crime, including telling his fiancée to stop talking to police.

This is really going to play out ugly for Hernandez. You just have to hope somehow his motives for committing the crime become clear so the family of the victim can have some closure, along with everyone else who is following this story.

Not Buying Johnny Manziel

I don’t think the guy will be a good pro. He’s a fine college player. He’s fun to watch on Saturday’s. But he’s as Tebow as it gets when it comes to the question ‘will he be able to play on NFL Sundays’. It is an emphatic ‘no’ from me.

I don’t care what rival GM’s say. The guy just wreaks of a gimmick player who won’t succeed in the pro game to me.

Oh, and his little stunt of complaining about “walk a day in my shoes” about being a college athlete didn’t sit well with me. Shut your mouth you spoiled little punk and be thankful you will not be digging ditches for a living. You have it made, you little snot-nose Italian brat.

Patriots Aaron Hernandez involved in Murder Investigation

This is absolutely crazy!

From Sports Illustrated:

NORTH ATTLEBORO, Mass. — Massachusetts State Police searched the home of New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez on Tuesday night in connection with a possible homicide. A source with knowledge of the investigation said police spoke to Hernandez on Monday. About 10 police cars flanked Hernandez’s home shortly after 7 p.m. Tuesday night and numerous police officials entered his house.

Hernandez is not believed to be a murder suspect, according to a source, but a vehicle rented in his name has emerged as a key piece of evidence in the investigation. The Sun Chronicle of Attleboro, Mass., reported on Tuesday that police identified a rented 2013 Chevrolet Suburban with Rhode Island license plates in connection with the possible homicide. According to the paper, the vehicle is registered to Enterprise and investigators were hoping to analyze it for fingerprints. A source said Hernandez’s name is tied to that rental vehicle.

As Pro Football Talk has pointed out a couple of times, this situation is certainly ‘fluid’ and we expect some big things to come out of this in the coming days.

And we think Hernandez – who has been described so far as ‘uncooperative’ – knows more than he’s letting on in regards to how that body ended up murdered.

Colts Putting Protecting the QB at a Premium

This is very good to see.

Here’s what Colts GM Ryan Grigson had to say about the Colts protecting Andrew Luck:

“We have to do a premium job of protecting our quarterback,” Grigson said Thursday, per the Indianapolis Star. “He’s obviously an outstanding player. We don’t need him running for his life. We need him to feel as comfortable as possible.”

The Colts off-season moves seem to echo this sentiment with adding depth to the offensive line. Sooner or later, the combination and the talent are going to meet at a point that’s going to benefit and improve Luck’s passing-pocket. When and if that should happen, you’re going to see improvement in Luck’s game. We’ve seen what he can do with spotty protection. Imagine him with unbelievable time to pick defenses apart.