Remembering Joel Buchsbaum


Look at that man. He doesn’t look well.

This is a man who is far from the behemoths and the goliaths that usually headline the football posts on this blog. But above is a picture of a man who was the greatest draftnik or draft guru that ever lived. His name is Joel Buchsbaum.

The sad part about Buchsbaum and my connection is there was never one at all. By all accounts – and there are many if you Google them – Buchsbaum was the type of ‘NFL guy’ who guys like me would carve out time just to hear on the radio. The same way I do Mel Kiper on Saturday mornings, or Colin Cowherd during NFL season, or how I used to for Chris Landry and John Fricke when they did the old classic football show on FOX radio.

When you try to Wikipedia search Joel Buchsbaum, nothing comes up. Nothing except ‘draftnik’ that is.

I would like to obtain some of the old draft guides that Buchsbaum scribed in on certain players. The guy absolutely belongs in the archives of this blog, because he’s what this blog is all about.

He’s an article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that details everything about the little draftnik from Brooklyn. Read it all. After reading it you realize; no matter how hard you wish for another Joel Bucsbaum, there will never be another one like him.

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