Real good read on the 2013 Cinderella Colts

This article is written by a little dickhead named Andy Benoit. You see; I have a history with him. I won’t get too far into it, but the guy decided to be a weasel and cut his ties with me when I wrote for his site, NFL Touchdown. It was so important to Andy to get rid of me (I wrote for his site for free) because he ‘had big things in the works with FOX’ and I had taken a few small content snippets from a forum.

Still, Andy has written a nice piece on the Colts on the new MMQB site. Here’s a good part I like:

Luck is also part of an organization that’s well-run and primed for long-term prosperity just one year into its post-Manning Era. The Colts are owned by one of sports’ most unique (but dedicated) characters, Jim Irsay. They play in a state-of-the-art downtown venue, in front of a rabid Midwestern fan base. Their second-year head coach, Chuck Pagano, garners immense respect not just from his players, but also from everyone around the league. And their 41-year-old general manager is coming off one of the best debut seasons for any executive in NFL history.

Looks like Andy made the big time despite him associating himself with a leper like me.

Every time I see him on NFL Films Top 10 countdowns, I realize that with a little writing talent, ambition, and a business model that doesn’t mind stepping on others and using them to your benefit; you too can reach the top of the internet writing community!

Peter King answered Reddit Questions Recently

I don’t really get Reddit. Apparently its’ a thing now.

A few days ago, Peter King answered Reddit questions, a few that made me chuckle; right here:

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 12.15.12 AM Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 12.15.34 AM

Peter answered neither of them.

PK got his own MMQB site recently. It’s bloggerific. I can’t wait to peruse it while at work all through the NFL season; I’m a much better sport about reading it during the season. In fact, it’s almost a requirement of any decent NFL fan.

Telling Quote(s) from Irsay on the past and present

From the AP:

“My goal going into this new era was to have the opportunity to win more than one,” Irsay told The Associated Press a few days before Indianapolis players report to training camp at Anderson University. “I think that the disappointment of not winning more than one with some of the things we did – out of 11 (playoff) chances, seven times out after the first playoff game – that’s really disappointing and we had some great teams.”

“We love the excitement of offense, we love the 49 touchdown passes and those sorts of things, but in the end, what we love most is Lombardi trophies,” Irsay said. “There was a conscious effort to make sure we had more balance and tighten the special teams up. It was really a strong theme that I thought was important as Andrew came in and as we started this new era. When we can add that component (a tough ground game and a tough defense) to the Andrew Lucks of the world, I think you really have a chance to win more than one.”


Perhaps Irsay realizes from the mistakes of the Colts first runs they made at the Super Bowl with all the Bill Polian built teams that the new era Colts must be a more complete team.

And I’ll go on record in saying that I think Andrew Luck wins two titles. The first being NEXT season.

Jim Irsay on Camp Opening

It’s always good to hear from the best owner in sports around this time of year. He’s always getting that Jingoism going!

One week until the first preseason game is played.

Johnny Manziel is a Fucking Douchebag

And here’s the evidence (we’ll go most recent to further back in history):


And here.

And also Here, and Here, and yes here.

My feelings could have been the same about this spoiled little asshole as they were about Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, or any of the other various immense talents that have came out of college in the recent years. It’s becoming really clear to me that I actually hate this motherfucker to the degree I’m going to watch A&M this season every chance I get to hope for his failures and even injuries (not serious, just enough to plummet his draft stock more than he already has).

This guy is the biggest ass I think I’ve followed in recent years – and that’s counting back to the Ryan Leaf days. He makes Leaf look like just a drug addict.

Johnny Manziel is such a typical spoiled little chicken shit. I can’t wait until someone breaks his nose at one of these parties he just can’t seem to stay away from!