NCAA Saturday #1


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I woke up bright and early and went over to my buddy Justin’s house for the first fall college Saturday of the year. Gameday was good, and it had Bulldogs on it; being hosted from Clemson and the big Georgia/Clemson tilt going down tonight.

Really this day is about celebration more than anything else. The football season is here. This is the last weekend without real NFL action. We’ve made it through yet another long offseason.

Today I watched Ohio State beat up on Buffalo. I also took in parts of Rice-Texas A&M, Temple-Notre Dame, and Illinois-Penn State. I probably won’t catch the big national game tonight because I’m going out with my wife to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary.

Expect a lot of posts this week with the real thing kicking off next Sunday.

Indianapolis makes the bid for 2018 Super Bowl

It has been rumored that the Colts will make a play for the 2018 Super Bowl – and tomorrow there will be a press conference of some type in the morning to talk about these plans to make a bid.

It was truly one of the best weekends of my life back in February of last year. We got to hang with the Giants the night before their Super Bowl win, and Indianapolis played a perfect host and backdrop to America’s Game.

Here’s to hoping they land the bid and I have the chance to return in 2018 with my son. Should I have a son, and should they land the bid.

Aaron Hernandez in Rolling Stone

This is an unbelievable read about an NFL player gone bad living the wild life off the field and somehow still keeping it together to be an NFL player. Aaron Hernandez came from the streets, and the story basically tells how he got to this point.

It’s an unreal look into the life some of these thug players live off the field. Not to sound like an old, WASPY white guy, but I really do live a calm, naive life. I thought shot-gunning a few beers was a wild night, maybe polishing it off with some Wild Turkey.

For Hernandez, it’s guns and Angel Dust.

Fantasy Football Draft 2013


Tonight was my only live fantasy football draft of the year (12 man, PPR league). Here’s what I came away with:

QB: Andrew Luck, Josh Freeman

RB: C.J. Spiller, Montee Ball, Giovani Bernard, Shane Vereen

WR: Randall Cobb, Antonio Brown, Cecil Shorts, Chris Givens, Ryan Broyles

TE: Jordan Cameron, Owen Daniels

Kickers: Matt Prater, Connor Barth

Defense: San Francisco, Tampa Bay

DL: Geno Atkins, Bjorn Werner, Robert Mathis, Paul Kruger

Linebackers: Jerrell Freeman, Bruce Carter, Ray Mauluga

DB: Joe Haden, Richard Sherman, Reshad Jones, Glover Quin

It’s always fun to look back at these guys and know that I drafted a few turds along with a few home runs. I’m ready for the season to start, officially now.

Madden 25 is out tomorrow


Madden 25 comes out tomorrow with it’s usual buzz about cool features that are something other than gameplay. The bottom line is that the game will probably royally suck and have game-breaking flaws that need overlooked to even get the smallest amount of enjoyment out of.

I vow to not let the dickheads like developer Josh Looman ruin this experience for me. Even if the game is terrible; and it probably will be; I’m going to find a way to enjoy it again. That is my promise to myself. I will look at Madden 25 like fishing or a game of golf. Even if it’s not at all how you want, at least you’re still playing a video game. At it’s core, at my age of 30 that’s what you have to look at it as. If I’m still healthy enough to enjoy video games and have the time to play them; then I’m doing pretty good. Even if they’re not as good as their classic days.

And my God are we talking classic.

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 12.59.07 AM

I still remember you Madden 92. Wars with my brother and my Uncle Rick and the neighbor kids.

Browns at Colts Preseason Game #3


[Game Book]

[Indy Star]

I watched about the entire first half of the Colts 27-6 win against the Browns last night in Indianapolis. Here are some observations:

  • Andrew Luck looked SMOOTH. Luck completed 16 of 25 passes for 164 yards and two touchdowns. His lone interception was a tipped ball in the red zone – and not his fault. I realized last night through watching that Luck’s protection might not be a whole lot better than last season but his escapability and ability to move around in the pocket and throw when his feet aren’t set is probably his best attribute. I just hope that Luck doesn’t get hit on one of those awkward slides this season. His throws were extremely accurate and crisp and just have a zip to them that most quarterbacks don’t have. It’s out of his hand and on the receiver in a blink.
  • The Colts lack much of a semblance of a running game. Vick Ballard had 10 carries for 33 yards, and it seemed like he was running into his own line a lot of the time. I don’t think it was the Browns playing the run well; it was just the Colts typical so-so running game.
  • The Browns seemed to have a good pressure pass rush going. I don’t think this is credit necessarily that goes 100% to the Browns. I think the Colts are going to struggle in protecting Luck.
  • Brandon Weeden turned back into a pumpkin last night. Good to see the Colts slow down a guy who has had the hot hand thus far in preseason as he went just 12 of 25 for 105. There were some drops but overall the Colts did a nice job in pass coverage.
  • Reggie Wayne had 7 catches for 79 yards. That’s big numbers for a preseason game.
  • Thank God this was preseason game number three. It seems like the preseason has been going on forever; and I don’t know if that’s due to my excitement for the regular season beginning or not. I still can’t believe we have two weeks to go.


Peter King visits Colts Camp

I’ve been so busy at work the last few days that it basically took me parts of two days to read a five day old article.

The article focused on Peter King’s visit to Indianapolis Colts camp, and it details about the trials and tribulations the Colts went through last season with an ill head coach. These guys certainly feel like they can get through anything, and you really have to love Pagano with his appreciation for just being part of NFL life.

“the message is what a privilege it is to play and coach in the NFL. Right when you start thinking that it is your right, you probably are gone. Because there’s somebody working extremely hard to try to get your locker, get your jersey number. You know how we’re judged as coaches. By one thing and one thing only—wins and losses. On the heels of what we went through last year, that’s at a new level. It’s heightened even more. I think it’s something that if it ever happens again, I mean, they say lightning can’t strike twice but who knows?

Chuck Pagano is quite possibly my favorite coach in the history of football.