Thursday Night Bengals on Halloween


You can’t beat Thursday Night Football on Halloween night, the fact that the Bengals (a team I actually like) are playing is just bonus. The general consensus right now if you’ve spent any time watching at all Cincinnati is that this has a chance to be a special year. Things just seem to be lining up that way. If the Bengals are that kind of team, they’ll find a way to win tonight against a desperate team in Miami that needs the win (the Dolphins have lost four in a row).

Andy Dalton is playing the best football of his career (though last season he had a three-game stretch in November that rivaled it). The Bengals have a fun team to watch. I’ll be back with a full recap at some point.

The Sunday that belonged to Andy Dalton and the Bengals


From the opening bell, Andy Dalton and the Bengals were all over the New York Jets. Dalton threw four first half touchdowns and entered halftime up 28-6. Dalton threw quick touchdown passes to Marvin Jones and Jermaine Gresham to begin the game and put the Bengals up 14-0. It was clear that it was going to end up a career day for young Dalton.

He would hit Marvin Jones three more times on the day for a total of four touchdowns, a Bengals franchise record. Here are the highlights from the game.

Dalton threw short. Dalton threw deep (a lot). I fail to see where this guy isn’t elite. He’s nails.

The Bengals won the game 49-9. They’re 6-2 and rolling along.

It’s Sunday


It’s Sunday – the last in October 2013 – and there’s a downtrodden slate today.

The highlight of my weekend is the Bengals hosting the Jets in Cincinnati. I think it’s going to be a classic game. Love the 4:00 start time in Cincinnati. Little does anyone know that Andy Dalton has been the highest scoring quarterback in fantasy football the last two weeks.

Other games of note on this Sunday in which the Panthers and Colts are off:

*Dallas at Detroit
*49ers at Jaguars (London)
*Redskins at Broncos

Oh and it’s Halloween NFL Week. Don’t forget about these:


Cam Newton and the Panthers over .500 for the First Time after Thursday Night Football win in Tampa


[Game Book]

[Cam Newton Highlights] [NFL Nation] [Charlotte Observer]

In a night of signature Cam Newton moments on a sloppy field, the best of the night was the touchdown pass on the first drive (a drive he went 7 of 8 passing) to Greg Olsen with a linebacker bearing down on him. It was a thing of beauty, and touch, and smarts and patience. Newton made the play and gave his team a 7-0 lead and the Panthers would kind of run away and hide from there.

Newton also made about three great runs on the night, one went for a touchdown. Right now, he’s fun to watch, and he’s enjoying the success we always knew he would in the game of football. Here’s his postgame interview on the set of NFL Network:

Cam has gone three games without a turnover and has his QB rating up to over 97 on the season. He has 12 TD’s against just 5 INT, with three of those coming in the dreadful Arizona game. Ted Ginn dropped Cam’s best throw of the game, a bomb that would have went for another seven.

But this game wasn’t just about Cam Newton. The Panthers defense again played a dominating style. Charles Johnson got back into the act and notched two sacks with Greg Hardy getting on the board with one. Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis and a kid named Melvin White all had a big night being all over the field. Right now the Panthers are dominating teams they should dominate.

The Panthers are finally over the .500 mark in the Cam Newton/Ron Rivera era. No one can say it never happened. But it’s time to keep rolling. The next three games will decide if this is a playoff team or a Panthers team that finishes around where they have the past two years that just started faster (Atlanta, New England, San Francisco).

Cam’s Super Man Pre-Game Shoes



Cam and the Panthers up 14-6 at the half. Cam is 13/18 for 149 yards and a beautiful TD to Greg Olsen.

Michael Silver says at halftime something about Greg Schiano having “small man’s syndrome”. Ian Rapport says that he’s alienated guys around the NFL since day one (Tom Coughlin) and Peyton Manning cussed Schiano out. All reports indicate that this little dick-weasel is no guarantee to survive the season because Tampa Bay ownership believes that they are more talented than winless.

This guy is Eric Mangini all over again. My God the similarities are unreal.

Cam Newton and the Panthers on Thursday Night Football


[Game Book – Week 7]

I had a rotten day. I am hoping it gets better, unwinding for three hours on Thursday Night Football with the Panthers going to Tampa Bay to take on dickhead Greg Schiano’s Bucs.

Cam Newton is playing at the highest level of his career. This has been the game in his career they have struggled to win in the Newton/Rivera era. A franchise quarterback, and a team that is going to have a shot at the playoffs wins this game going away. So why do I think this is going to be a struggle for the Panthers?

I’ll be back with a full recap later.