The Eagles make the Playoffs in Thriller win over Dallas


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Huge win for Nick Foles, Chip Kelly and the Eagles. I never thought I would say this due to my wife and in-laws being such huge Giants fans but last night I was happy for the Eagles. This team is fun to watch, and they will give New Orleans all they can handle on Saturday night.

Also I want to give the Dallas Cowboys and Kyle Orton their due. I made money last night taking them +6.5 and with this money I am buying a bowling ball, which will provide me with years of happiness and enjoyment.

FLY EAGLES FLY. Saturday night should be a fucking blast.

It’s Sunday


Something crazy is going to happen today, this final regular season Sunday of the NFL season. Someone is going to go all Nate Poole on us. Some team, or something today that seems like a certainty today as we begin the day is going to end up shocking the world. And that possibility excites me. A lot of teams seasons are ending today one way or another. There is a ton of great football on today.

Here’s my slate:

1:00 Carolina at Atlanta (Carolina going for the #2 seed)
1:00 Jacksonville at Indianapolis (Andrew Luck is my fantasy QB in the title game)
4:25 Green Bay at Chicago (for the division title)
Sunday Night Football – Philadelphia at Dallas (for the division title)

Here’s a couple classics that will evoke some memories:
1988, Week 16:

The end of the 1993 Oilers:

Back with posts and recaps throughout the day.

A Philly – Foles Weekend

Sunday night, the Holidays, the Regular season finale; it all comes to a head.

I am sitting here enjoying a Charley’s Grilled Sub Philadelphia Steak & Cheese as we speak. It’s amazing. I’ve wanted one for weeks, and tonight with the wife out of town and me on puppy duty doing absolutely nothing I figured; why the Hell’s not.

Fresh off their 54-11 victory over the Bears on Sunday Night Football just three nights before Christmas (Highlights here), the Eagles find themselves in a winner-take-all ballgame this coming Sunday Night in a game that is the talk of the weekend.

Tony Romo is out for the year. So it’s going to be Kyle Orton. And I’ve got a feeling Orton will give the Eagles all they can handle (I put a big bet on Dallas +6.5 on the way home from work today). A lot of jobs in Dallas are riding on this game. I trust them more at home than that of Nick Foles, Chip Kelly, and the young Eagles defense on the road in a win-or-go-home game.

The Wiseguys agree with me: (:20 mark).

Andy Dalton gives Bengals fans an early Christmas Present against Vikings


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It’s hard not to love these guys. And you know what? Andy Dalton is really, really good.

Dalton had a huge day, throwing four touchdown passes and going 27 for 38 for 366 yards. It kept me alive in my fantasy playoffs.

He’s got 31 touchdowns now on the season. The fact is, the guy puts up pretty huge numbers. It’s a milestone to have 30 passing touchdowns in a season. It’s going to be easy to pull for these guys in the playoffs.


A Great Christmas Read on Cam Newton

A football fan’s dream come true in a player.

Last night while perusing some links, I found this post on the ESPN Panthers blog on why Cam Newton is his offensive coordinator Mike Shula’s favorite player ever.

“Don’t tell him this, but he’s probably the most favorite guy I’ve ever coached. Although I said that before and I got a text from David Garrard, ‘What do you mean by that?'” Shula said of Garrard, whom he coached at Jacksonville.

Here’s what Shula means.

“He’s fun because he’s full of life,” Shula said of Newton. “He loves football. His personality … he’s a sponge. You can get on him, and it doesn’t bother him. He doesn’t have an ego that way.

“That just brings energy to you as a coach, just to get yourself motivated. Here’s a guy that is going to continue to get better and better as long as you push him and he pushes himself. He learns from his mistakes and he has a lot of fun along the way doing it.”

Shula can go on and on about Newton. He likes him that much. You can see it. You can hear it.

“He loves winning and he doesn’t care how he wins,” Shula continued. “He just wants to win.”

Newton can be truly amazing at times, particularly when he’s improvising with his feet. But few things he has done was more spectacular than his 37-yard completion to Ted Ginn Jr. on a crossing route to start Sunday’s game-winning drive.

The first pick of the 2011 draft stood as tall in the pocket as you’ll ever see, ignoring defenders grabbing at him from all sides — including one that had so much of his hand in Newton’s face that the quarterback was almost throwing blindly. He patiently waited for Ginn to pop open.

Then he threw a bullet that hit Ginn in stride and enabled him to pick up another 10 or so yards before running out of bounds to stop the clock.

“It probably ranks up higher [than most plays] because of the timeliness of it,” Shula said.

Such a great read on Christmas Eve. Such a great time of year. Such a great player. I have never loved the guy more than right now. And that throw to Ginn was something out of a legend’s book.